The court found inhuman conditions of detention of Breivik in prison

The district court of Oslo recognized the right of the convicted for the murder of 77 people nationalist Anders Breivik have been violated in prison. Conditions of detention the court found “inhuman”, according to Reuters.

Thus, the court partially granted the petition of the convicted, but ruled that the Norwegian authorities did not violate the rights of Breivik’s private and family life. The court also ordered the Norwegian state to pay court costs of Breivik in the amount of CZK 330 thousand ($ 40 thousand), adds bi-Bi-si.

“Prohibition of inhuman and degrading treatment is of fundamental importance in a democratic society. This applies regardless of whether the treatment of terrorists and murderers”, — stated in the decision of judge Helen Andinos sekulič.

Breivik has filed a lawsuit against the Norwegian government to court in March 2016, accusing them of violating the European Convention on human rights, in particular, they talked about his isolation from other prisoners. According to Reuters, the convicted person also complained about cold coffee and the food from the microwave oven that, in his words, “worse than drowning”.

Even before the verdict, attorneys for both parties stated that they will appeal the decision if it will be accepted not in their advantage. However, after the decision of the lawyers were not available for comment.

Breivik was convicted in 2011 for assaulting the centre-left camp for young political activists, which killed 69 people. On the same day it detonated a car bomb in Donkeys, killing eight people. The court sentenced him to 21 years in prison — the maximum term provided for by Norwegian law.

In July 2015 it became known that Breivik he enrolled at the University of Oslo. It was reported that he will be trained, while in solitary confinement.