The Kremlin commented on the cancellation of the decision on payment of the $50 billion Yukos case

Commenting on the decision of the district court of the Hague on cancellation of decisions of the Hague arbitration court on collecting from Russia of $50 billion in the Yukos case, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow welcomes this decision.

“We can say that we welcome the decision of the district court of the Hague appeal of the Hague [arbitral] Tribunal,” – said Peskov, adding that the decision of this court cancelled the first time in 20 years.

“The Russian Federation since the beginning of the process insisted that the arbitration decision does not take into account the most important aspects of international law. The main argument – Russia has not ratified the energy Charter, on the basis of which three offshore companies filed a lawsuit against Russia,” Peskov said to journalists, reports.

The President’s spokesman said the Kremlin is well aware that “it’s not the end of history.” “We believe that all countries will be discontinued. We will continue to work”, – he added.

On the morning of 20 April the district court of the Hague reversed the decision of the permanent court of arbitration on the payment of $50 billion to shareholders of Yukos. He agreed with the arguments of Russia that the competence of the arbitration court is not included claims of this kind.

In a statement the Ministry of justice of Russia States that the decision of the district court of the Hague does not remove the arrest of Russian assets abroad, however, it gives grounds to demand the abolition of interim measures by decision of 2014, according to the Agency TASS.

The decision of the Hague arbitration gave the opportunity to the former shareholders of Yukos to enforce judicial decisions in different countries. In France and Belgium were arrested by Russian assets Similar attempts have been made by the plaintiffs in Germany, UK, USA, Netherlands and India.