The media learned of the impending increase in the prices of Lada Vesta, Xray and Priora

AvtoVAZ next month could raise prices for sedans Lada Vesta and Lada Priora, as well as a high hatchback Lada Xray, told “Vedomosti” top Manager of one of the dealer companies and people familiar with top managers of the enterprise.

The first reported that the machine can rise in price on average by 5%. According to the information second, the increase may be in the range of 4% depending on model and configuration.

About the possible price increase and heard a top Manager of another dealership of the company, the newspaper notes, however, details he doesn’t know. The representative of AVTOVAZ told “Vedomosti” that the order of price changes may not.

Currently Vesta is 514-658 thousand rubles., Xray — 589-723 thousand rubles, Priora — 389-464 thousand rubles, While the price increase of 4% will cost around 535 thousand rubles.

In 2015 AVTOVAZ four times raised the price of cars, the newspaper writes. The average car rose by almost 20%. If in may the prices will be raised, this year it will be a second appreciation.

The first occurred in February. Then the company raised the price of the models except Vesta, Xray and Prioira — by 4.5% on average. The representative of AVTOVAZ explained that the main reasons for this are the rising costs of components and “update of prices in accordance with competitive environment”.

In early April the company announced that in March 2016 were sold in Russia 22 267 thousand cars Lada, which is by 17% over the previous month. However, compared to in spring 2015, sales of Lada decreased significantly. In March of last year AVTOVAZ sold 27 thousand 423 car, and thus selling at an annual rate fell by 18.8%.