The Turkish military was accused of shooting women and children on the border of Syria

As writes The London Times, a group of refugees was shot at by Turkish border guards trying to cross the border from Syria. Killing eight people, mostly women and children, says the publication.

As evidence, the newspaper cites a photograph taken on a mobile phone. It depicts a man who carries a boy wounded feet.

The British newspaper also quoted a lawyer from Aleppo Andmoney Kashkash, who also crossed the border together with this group, but remained unharmed. “They [the Turkish guards] kill unarmed people. There was a little girl who was shot to death. Still missing the old man and the woman. Perhaps they were killed,” said Kaskas.

Another source, the newspaper reported that the Turkish authorities had tightened the rules of crossing the border, but he pointed out that the soldiers at the approach of the refugees fired into the air

Ankara categorically deny the charges in the shootings of refugees, pointing to the fact that earlier the border guards on the border with Syria have often came under the fire of the smugglers and militants attempting to cross the border.

On 31 March The Times reported on the deaths of people on the Turkish-Syrian border with reference to the Syrian monitoring centre for human rights. Then the border guards allegedly opened fire near the town of Azaz, where they arrived tens of thousands of people who fled areas seized by the militants of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization) and the territory controlled by the army of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.