Trump and Clinton won the primaries in the state of new York

Billionaire Donald trump won the Republican primary in the state of new York, approaching the achievement of a sufficient number of delegates to automatically nominate a candidate from the Republican party. The results count 90% of the ballots voted 60.1 percent, according to CNN.

His opponents-the Republicans — Governor of Ohio John Kasich and Senator of Texas Ted Cruz — received of 25.2% and 14.7%. In new York — his home state — the billionaire trump had hoped to get more than 50% of the vote, notes Reuters.

After the vote in Vaimaanga the billionaire gained 743 votes. In General for the automatic extension it is necessary 1237 votes.

The winner of the Democratic party was Hillary Clinton. It following the results of counting 93% scored 57,5%, its rival, the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders and 42.5%.

Earlier it was reported about 125 thousand “disappeared” from the lists of voters in the current primaries. Auditor of new York Scott stringer requested the city Council to investigate the incident. It was also reported on complaints and other violations.

According to the survey research firm YouGov, among the population of major developed countries of the world Russia was the only one who would win the presidential election USA Trump, 31% of surveyed Russians were in favour of his candidacy. Meanwhile, the majority of respondents in other countries expressed a preference for the favorite in the presidential race from the Democratic party Hillary Clinton.