Turkey has agreed not to impose sanctions against the Russian metallurgists

Russian steel company persuaded the Ministry of economy of Turkey not to impose anti-dumping duties on imports of hot-rolled steel from Russia, said on Wednesday, TASS with reference to the representative of NLMK group, the main shareholder of which is billionaire Vladimir Lisin.

The representative of NLMK, noted that the absence of duties on imports of Russian hot-rolled producers was the result of anti-dumping investigations which were conducted by the Turkish Agency. At the same time, the Russian metallurgists are aware that in respect of imports of Russian steel products are prepared to new investigation, said the Agency interlocutor. “We are ready to actively participate in the processes,” he said.

In a press-service of Severstal, controlled by billionaire Alexei Mordashov, said that the company welcomes the decision of Turkish Ministry of economy and was pleased that the Agency “heard the arguments of the importers about the absence of dumping on our part, and damage to local producers and has introduced violate the rules of the WTO measures.”

That Ankara might impose anti-dumping duties for Russian steelmakers, announced in January, “Kommersant”. The newspaper wrote that during the investigation on imports of hot rolled coils (these products to Turkey in addition to NLMK and Severstal also supplies MMK Victor Rashnikov) Ministry of economy of Turkey estimated the margin of dumping “Severstal” at the level of 12.43%, NLMK — 9,42%, MMK — 13,66%. The publication noted that the results of the investigation, the Turkey may impose duties to exporters of hot-rolled steel that, as pointed out by “Kommersant”, will be the first response of Turkey to the Russian sanctions.

In Russian companies said then he put the rental in Turkey in accordance with the law and at market prices.

Russia has imposed sanctions against Turkey at the end of November 2015. It was a response to an incident that occurred on 24 November, near the border with Syria: Turkish fighter jet shot down a Russian bomber su-24, killing the crew commander and a Russian military involved in the rescue operation. Sanctions against Turkey provided including a ban on imports of some vegetables and fruits from this country, the prohibition of Charter services, suspension of visa-free regime.

In February, the European Union on the results of anti-dumping investigation imposed duties on cold-rolled steel from Russia for a period of six months. For its part, the metallurgists reported “frequent in recent months, anti-dumping investigations” at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. He then stated that the government will work with foreign partners “to compromise”.