Ukrainian Railways will be chaired by the Polish citizen

The government of Ukraine at a meeting on Wednesday appointed head of Ukrzaliznytsia (railway administration of Ukraine) the former head of the Polish railway company PKP Cargo Wojciech Balczun, according to “112 Ukraine”.

The decision on the appointment of Balchune was passed unanimously. The new head of Ukrzaliznytsya addressed the members of the government in Polish, but promised to learn Ukrainian.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman, who translated for the members of the Cabinet the performance of Balchune, noted that the new head of the Ukrainian railway Ukrainian roots on his mother.

The Groisman also noted that in his new post, Balcon will need to do to improve the quality of railway operations, to update the rolling stock, increase the income of “Ukrzaliznytsya”.

Wojciech Balczun was the head of the management Board of PKP Cargo from 2008 to 2013. The Minister of economic development and trade abromavicius Aivaras said earlier that Balcon held a “large-scale management restructuring of the company,” and removed her from the loss of 100 million zlotys profit of 500 million

In 2012, Balcon was appointed Chairman of the Board of LOT Polish Airlines. According to “112 Ukraine”, Balcon also acts as an Advisor to several Polish companies and several times been ranked among the best top managers in Poland.

In addition, Balcon is the leader and guitarist of the Polish rock band is the popular, which he founded in 2007. To date the band has released four albums.

Previous Chapter “uz” Alexander Zavgorodniy was released from their duties at the end of March. The post new head of the Railways was claimed by 31 candidates, including eight foreigners.