A new ranking of technology companies in Russia in the magazine

A new ranking of technology companies in Russia in the magazine

First, it was a huge logistical operation: the total cost of its implementation, according to Vladimir Putin, amounted to 33 billion rubles, a Significant part of this money was spent on the transfer to Syria of people and technology. Secondly, during the operation, the military has tested in real combat conditions the most different kinds of weapons, including the latest designs, which only started to arrive in troops.

And thirdly, the operation in Syria has also become a successful marketing event, the demand for Russian weapons in the course of the event grew, spoke with pleasure assistant to the President on military-technical cooperation Vladimir Kozhin. “Everyone can see what we used, what we got flies, where it flies. For vehicles with systems “Calibre”, one may say, of all,” he told Interfax in March. Russian military technology is very popular abroad: by the end of 2015 the export of military products reached $14.5 billion — the data recently announced by President Putin. While the total amount of signed contracts for export of Russian arms is $48 billion, said in November 2015, the head of the state Corporation “rosteh” Chemezov Vladimir.

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Therefore do not be deceive first place, “Yandex” and Mail.Ru Group in a new ranking of the largest technological companies in Russia, which this year were able to oust the leader of last year — “the Company “Sukhoi”. Their leadership is undeniable, but not exactly: for this rating ranks the company, taking into account not only the size of the business, but its profitability, expecting average annual revenue and profitability over the past five years. Rare business can compete in efficiency with the business of Internet companies, but about 72% of total revenue of the 50 companies ranking falls on a public company.

But it’s not as bad as it may seem: the total revenue of the civil companies ranking almost equal to the revenue of military companies and dual-purpose. A serious challenge to domestic industry of arms throw not only the largest Internet holdings, but also space, aviation, automotive and especially machine-building enterprises, which occupies a very dignified position in the ranking, which is published in the latest issue of the magazine.

Now underway is the largest in post-Soviet history of Russia the program of the state defense order in the amount of 20 trillion rubles — and she’s already producing results in the field of high-tech products, and sometimes Russian military technology is developing at such a hurricane pace, which did not dream of civil technologies in the country. Example: in 2013, the defense Ministry ordered the development of multifunctional robotic systems “Uran-6”. In the summer of 2014 in Chechnya and Ingushetia have been tested complexes, produced unremarkable suburban JSC “UPTK 766”. And in the spring of 2015 fighting robots already engaged in the demining of the Syrian Palmyra: read more about them in “the hurt locker”.

Founded by brothers Vladislav and Nikolai Lobelini “Tsar Cannon” was the first private company in Russia to receive a license to manufacture the weapon in 2005. Lobaeva produced high-precision long-range rifles — a niche product that proved to be very popular among people who really need it: athletes and the law enforcement agencies. But in 2010, the “Tsar Cannon” curtailed production and in full force went to the United Arab Emirates. Says Vladislav Lobaev, this was the result of “unfair competition”. However, in 2013 it returned to Russia, where the brothers Lobaeva started organizing “the Corporation Lobaev”: for the year developed and launched into production seven new models of rifles. What the Corporation will do all, read in the material “Brothers, stock and two Smoking barrels”.

Hero cover issue — Victor Kisly of Wargaming founder and leader of the 110 million “tankers” registered in the game World of Tanks. Acidic and his staff managed the almost impossible — to engage in a computer game people who have never played the computer game: the tank fighting with might and main military, law enforcement agencies, adult civilian men, by the word, not the usual target audience. Very grateful and solvent audience: for the last five years “tank battle” Wargaming brought in the world’s top 30 producers of games, and Acidic in the number of billionaires. But such rapid growth given the company’s difficult: to deal with all the problems, Victor Kislyi, has started restructuring. Details — in the material “Corporation “tank”.

The investigation of the self — same hero rankings of fast-growing companies , Antipinsky oil refinery. Since launching in 2006, the company’s revenue grew more than 300 times, and he is now the Foundation of the New Stream group, the revenue in 2015 amounted to nearly $6 billion As the main owner of oil refinery Dmitry Mazurov has managed to build such a wonderful business, read the article “custom processing: how friends of Putin and Sobyanin helped the young businessman Dmitry Mazurov, build the most modern refinery in Russia.”

These other materials read in the latest issue of the magazine, which went on sale April 21.