Deputies proposed to allow the national guard to fire on that crowd

The Duma defense Committee adopted its opinion on the presidential bill on the National guard. The conclusion is available .

Present at the meeting of the Committee, representatives of internal troops agreed that the bill “needs polishing”, the interlocutor told the Committee. The deputies recommended the adoption of the bill in the first reading. The defence Committee is a co-executor on the bill. The profile Committee on safety, according to the calendar of consideration of questions, I propose to consider it in the first reading on 18 may.

To exclude the civil liability of the serviceman of national guard troops for the harm caused to individuals and legal entities in the use of physical force, special means, firearms, military and special equipment, if it is done in a legal manner. Reparations to be financed out of the Federal budget.

A ban on the use of weapons, a large gathering of citizens, which can hurt a random person, needs to be exceptions. To cancel the prohibition is necessary in the event of a terrorist attack, free hostages, reflection group or armed attack on important government facilities, special cargoes, structures on communications protected by the national guard, in military camps guard, said in the conclusion. “We believe that in these cases the risk of harm to random individuals will be justified,” say the deputies in custody.

You want to allow to use the national guard combat and special equipment, including artillery, aircraft weapons and munitions engineering, to suppress the activities and the elimination of illegal armed formations, offered in the conclusion.

In addition, the President’s bill does not take into account the need for the use of edged weapons in separate incidents when animal attack, to stop the vehicle and destruction of locking devices, is written in the document.

The Committee considers that the bill needs to be complemented by the indication of the specialization of structural units in the national guard. Now the document does not contain these details, so “it is not clear what kinds of divisions of troops of the national guard will be, for example, together with the bodies of internal Affairs to maintain public order, to participate in the fight against extremism and terrorism…” etc., reads the conclusion.

The lack of detail in the Committee’s view, impede the transfer of connections and military units of the guard in operational control of the internal Affairs bodies. It is also proposed to highlight the powers of the President to assert the Statute of troops of the national guard, the Statute on military councils of armies and the regulation on operational-territorial associations of national guard troops. To ensure uninterrupted control of troops need to amend the law with reference to the authority’s direct control of national guard troops.

The penetration of the military personnel of national guard troops to premises, land plots and territories to establish the circumstances of the accident not attributable to the tasks of the national guard, write the deputies. Regional governments and local authorities must be obliged to provide the troops of the national guard buildings, premises, structures and land points in temporal dislocation.

On the establishment of the national guard, who will replace the Internal troops, Putin announced on 5 April. He stated that the new structure will be engaged “in combating terrorism, organized crime, in close contact with the Ministry of internal Affairs will continue to perform the functions that were performed by units of Riot police, SWAT and so forth.”

The commander of the new structure was appointed General Viktor Zolotov, who previously headed the Interior Ministry troops, and until 2013 was head of presidential security Service. The President’s press Secretary noted that the national guard will report directly to the head of state. Later by the decree of the President of the national guard was called Asgardia.