Forbes estimated the state of the Elizabeth II half a billion dollars

American magazine Forbes estimated personal fortune of Queen Elizabeth II, commemorating the 90th anniversary Saturday, at $530 million.

Owned by Elizabeth II are particularly the Sandringham house in Norfolk and Balmoral castle in Aberdeenshire. Expert on historic real estate from the Czech Agency Luxent Lenka Dušková estimated these assets at between $65 million and $140 million respectively. The Queen also owns plots of land for agricultural use and horse farms across the country, as well as property in London.

Elizabeth II also owns a personal collection of jewelry (jewelry is deemed to be the property of the crown, it does not include). Among the ornaments of the Queen a vintage Cartier tiara, valued at $900 thousand the Exact cost of personal tiaras of Queen Elizabeth II remains unknown, but they can cost millions of dollars, writes Forbes.

In addition, the Queen has a lot of illiquid assets, Forbes reports. Among them — the philatelic collection, which members of the Royal family gathering since the beginning of the XIX century. The collection includes a copy of each brand ever released in the UK, except for “British Guiana”. The only surviving copy of this brand was sold at Sotheby’s in 2014 for $9,48 million

Elizabeth II uses a lot of expensive assets that in fact belongs not to her, and the British crown. They include Buckingham Palace, which since 1837 has been the official residence of the British Royal family. The real estate portfolio of the crown on behalf of the Queen of great Britain drives the Crown Estate. Annually 15% of the income of the Crown Estate goes to the Queen’s official expenses. All unspent money, she is obliged to return the Crown Estate.

Elizabeth II April 21, celebrates its 90th anniversary. Official celebrations to mark the anniversary will take place in June. Elizabeth is on the throne for 63 years. It occupies the 41st place in the list of most powerful women in the world according to Forbes.