Genprokuraturu asked to repeal the “law banning collectors” in Kemerovo

National Association of professional collection agencies (NAPCA) filed on April 21, the Prosecutor General’s office and the state office of public Prosecutor of the Kemerovo region with the request to challenge in court the normative act that interferes with work to collectors in the region. “We want the Prosecutor General’s office had either repealed the law or clearly stressed that prohibited only illegal activity”, — said the Director of NAPCA Boris Voronin.

On 6 April, the Governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev has charged to the regional deputies to pass the draft law on collector activity. On April 7 the law was passed, said in a letter to NAPCA. If you refer to the exact formulation, the law prohibits “debt collection activities (activities to repay debt), violate the rights and legitimate interests of individuals”. This collection activity is “self, by own risk the activities of legal and physical persons, directed on systematic obtaining of profit from actions to recover the debt”.

Then on the website of administartsii the Kemerovo region there was a message with the title “Aman Tuleyev has demanded to stop collection agencies in Kuzbass and to make the ban legally” with the following quote from the Governor: “not a single collector has no right to “knock out” debts from the Kuzbass people were from 6 April 2016. There is no other way. We can’t afford to have our people killed”.

In the end, the public had misinterpreted the law because the money was clearly stated before the media and security agencies that the law prohibits the activity of collectors, explains the Director of the NAPCA Boris Voronin. “As a result, two weeks to the address of the Association received numerous complaints from collection agencies for the fact that the act violates rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of collectors. After the adoption of the law, debtors who have previously made contact, began to refuse to communicate with collectors. People are starting to say that collectors forbade, and to return the debt they are not going,” says Voronin.

The second problem that appeared after the introduction of the law, is increased bureaucratic pressure, said Voronin. According to him, after the call of the collector, citizens turn to the police, which is sent to the office, violates the order. “Then the local TV stations appears, the video that was once again suppressed the activity of the collector”, added Voronin.

“The debtors at the time of adoption of the law really started to refuse to communicate with collectors, — says the press-Secretary of the First collection Bureau (PCB), which in the region of five branches, Svetlana Gorelov. — Without reading the law, they argued that the reservoir is prohibited, but it is not so, if you look closely the wording of the law.”

Now in the Kemerovo region of large collection companies operate PCB, HCB, the company “trust”. Thus, the Kemerovo region is among Russian regions with one of the highest levels of debt in Russia, says marketing Director of NCB Alexey Volkov. So, at the end of 2015, its current debt burden (the share of loan payments to income) of the average borrower from the Kemerovo region was 32,22% when the national average is $ 22,70%, leads these wolves. Unlike most Russian regions, the rate of leverage in 2015 in Kemerovo region increased by 1 percentage point, while the average in Russia this indicator for the same period decreased by of 3.91 percentage points, said the wolves.

“We hope that the law will be invalidated. But ready for what will be the reasons for formal refusal to accede to our request,” says Voronin.

Aman Tuleyev instructed to adopt the law after the incident in the city of Iskitim of the Novosibirsk region, where in the evening of 30 March, four men attacked a family of a woman who failed to pay the debt on the loan. She asserted that collectors demanded 240 thousand rubles., although the loan amount was initially $ 5 thousand rubles, stole a mobile phone, beat her husband and child, and with her “made violent acts of sexual character”.

On 20 April, a meeting of the state Duma Committee on Finance, on the agenda it was stated the review of the law on the collectors, prepared by the Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko. However, due to the fact that the government should make to the bill another amendment that consideration of the bill was postponed to may.