In the U.S. Congress pondered the intensive care unit of production F-22 Raptor

The U.S. air force has received the task from the Subcommittee of Congress to conduct an analysis of the costs associated with the resumption of production of multi-purpose fighters of the fifth generation F-22 Raptor, the production of which was halted in 2011, the newspaper writes Defense News.

The order had prepared a house of representatives Subcommittee on military aviation and land forces Committee on Armed services of the USA, the report must be submitted to the Committee before January 1, 2017. The analysis shall include data on the production and supply of the army at least another 194 aircraft F-22.

“But in light of growing concerns that the US military is losing technological advantage over such rivals, such as Russia and China, Congress in the budget period showed keen interest in the resumption of production”, — writes the edition.

Initially, the program production F-22, which was called the most expensive fighter in the world, included the production of 749 military vehicles. However, due to budget cuts, the U.S. Secretary of defense Robert gates in 2009 announced a significant reduction in the program, and in 2011 purchases of Raptor stopped, all were released 187 fighters.