Lukashenka expressed reluctance to be “errand boys” Russia

Belarus is not going to be a “gofer” in Russia should understand that. The President of the country Alexander Lukashenko said during a message to the National Assembly, BelTA reports.

“I want Russians to understand, especially the Russian leadership that we are not errand boys. We are an independent, sovereign state living with you in the same house, but with my apartment. Let small, small but its an apartment. By the way, that the words of the current President of Russia,” Lukashenka said (quoted by “Interfax”).

Lukashenko said that Belarus is “an independent sovereign state, “figuratively speaking”, live with Russia in the same house, but has its own apartment. However, he stressed that the peoples of the two countries “were and are brothers.”

“It’s disgusting to hear some biased mouthpieces from Russia that we almost soft Belarusization, something else is going on here — almost a reversal. I don’t know where we can turn around?” — said Lukashenko, calling individual forces and structures in Russia “to stop this pain”. Where are we to turn? We were and are brothers — continued the President. — Historically, for centuries predefined”.

During his speech Lukashenka has also touched upon the subject of the Minsk wheel tractor plant (MZKT). He recalled the claims of the Russian side about the fact that Belarus refused to sell the plant. “Want to buy — buy, times your interest,” he said. Thus, according to him, Minsk has an interest in Russia. “Sell us oil field,” — said Lukashenko, adding that an agreement on this issue has not yet been achieved.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in early April, talked about plans of Russia to refuse from the production of MWTP, which is the main supplier of rocket chassis. “For three years they sold us this MZKT, but we have nothing agreed. Don’t want to sell, don’t, we will establish KAMAZ production”, — said the head of government.

In early April, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that Russia will refuse from the production of MWTP, which is the main supplier of products for the Russian missile systems. As said the Russian Prime Minister, Moscow and Minsk three years discussed the sale of MZKT, “but we haven’t agreed to”.