Poland one and a half times will increase the size of your army

Poland is going in the coming years by 50% to increase the size of your army. This was announced by the country’s defense Minister Anthony Macierewicz at the opening ceremony of the representative office of a unit for the integration of NATO forces (NATO Force Integration Units, NFIU) in the Polish city of Bydgoszcz.

“The Polish army will be more. We expect a significant increase in the size of the army, at least 50% in the next few years, including the establishment until early next year three additional brigades of the territorial defence on the Eastern flank,” he said, Mazarevica the Polish edition Rzeczpospolita. Macierewicz said that the development of the army will not be limited to territorial defence, it also will affect operational units.

The head of Minooborony also stressed that the opening of the headquarters of the NFIU in Bydgoszcz is a very important day for the Polish army and Poland in General. “Today we can say that Poland is completely ready to accept the allied troops. Today we can say that NATO is fully prepared to present at the Eastern flank”, — the Minister emphasized.

Macierewicz noted that at least for the last two years it became clear that the greatest threat to security comes from Russia, which “decided to occupy part of the territory of Ukraine”. “The presence of NATO forces in Poland and the Eastern flank, as well as the presence of U.S. troops, plays an important role in ensuring peace and security. But the key to achieving this goal is the readiness of the Armed forces of Poland and other countries of the Eastern region to protect themselves and to coordinate their actions with NATO forces and the USA”, — said the Polish defense Ministry.

On the eve of Macarevich, commenting on the incident with the flight of Russian su-24 bombers over U.S. destroyers in the Baltic sea, has accused Russia of preparing for aggression against NATO. “All Russia’s behavior shows a systematic preparation for aggressive actions”, — he said, stressing that now is the time “to talk about it openly”.