Poroshenko banned the show post 2014 Russian films

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the law on amendments to the law “On cinematography”, according to which Ukraine is prohibited to broadcast films produced after January 1, 2014, individuals or legal entities “an aggressor state” (such earlier the Verkhovna Rada has recognized Russia). The document returned to the Parliament signed by the President, follows from the information posted on the website of the Ukrainian Parliament.

The law also provides for a ban on the distribution and demonstration of films containing “promotion or propaganda organs of the aggressor state” regardless of their country of origin manufactured after August 1, 1991.

A bill to ban Russian films, the Verkhovna Rada approved in late March of this year, for the amendments to the law on cinematography was supported by 237 MPs. The explanatory Memorandum States that the bill will improve the protection of national security of Ukraine, decrease of “separatist sentiments” in society, to uphold the authority of the state.”

The author of the initiative was made by MP Victoria syumar. She noted that although the production process of the film and is a long-term, and to determine when a film is produced, it is difficult, however, the year of first publication of the film indicated in the title. In this regard, the Deputy proposed to amend current law and to impose a ban on the screening of films, not just taken after January 1, 2014, but the premiere of which took place after this date.

In June 2015 the state Agency of Ukraine for cinema has published the list of banned Russian films. The list includes, in particular, the series “Teacher”, cartoon “Parovozik Tishka”, “Unreal love”, “Kitchen in Paris” and others. Previously Kiev also banned the showing of serials “kadetstvo” and “the Newsmakers”.

At the beginning of February 2016, the national Council of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasting has banned the broadcasting of 15 Russian TV channels, including “top secret”, “amusement Park”, “World series”, “Auto plus”, “Kitchen TV”, “Science 2.0”. Before that at different times in Ukraine have been banned “channel. World network”, “RTR-Planeta”, “NTV-Mir”, “Russia-24”, “Russia 1”, NTV, “Petersburg-5”, and others.