Poroshenko supported the creation of the black sea fleet under the leadership of NATO

Ukraine will join the fleet under the leadership of NATO in the Black sea in case it will be created. The President of the country Petro Poroshenko said at a joint press conference with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis.

“We consider a joint initiative on the creation of the black sea fleet under NATO leadership, which is aimed at strengthening NATO’s presence and strengthen security in the Black sea. Ukraine gladly will join this initiative, I confirmed to Mr. President, after the approval of the Alliance” — quoted Poroshenko “112 Ukraine”.

According to the President, Kiev and Bucharest are paying special attention to security in the Black sea region into “the face of the ongoing aggression by Russia”. The leaders also condemned the militarization of the Crimean Peninsula. In the Kremlin, commenting on similar statements in the past, argued that since Crimea is part of Russia, Moscow “no one is going to discuss the operation on its own territory. The Russian government also voiced concern about the growing military potential of NATO’s borders.

About the Romanian initiative to create a fleet under the leadership of NATO in the Black sea became known in mid-January. As reported by the Romanian TV channel Digi24, Bucharest intends to propose to her at the July summit of the Alliance. The proposal is to create regular fleet consisting of ships of Germany, Italy, Turkey and the USA. Now the NATO ships regularly call at the Black sea, but were doing only the exercises

In mid-October of last year in the Black sea came the flagship of the Sixth fleet of the U.S. Navy frigate Mount Whitney and missile destroyer Coal. Before the port of Odessa also visited the American destroyer Porter, which is located in the Black sea as part of operation “Atlantic determination”, which aims to support NATO allies in connection with the military conflict in Ukraine.

In early September Vice-Admiral, James Foggo stated that the U.S. Navy strives to maintain a permanent presence in the Black sea. He also drew attention to the tense geopolitical situation due to the deterioration of relations between Russia and the West.

According to a report 2016 Military Balance International Institute for strategic studies (IISS), the total strength of the Navy of Romania amounts to 6.6 thousand people. At two bases in Romanian Constanta and Mangalia are deployed three frigates, four corvettes, six missile boats and ten mine vehicles. The only submarine of the Romanian fleet is in storage since 1966.

According to the IISS, in the Navy service of Ukraine is 6 thousand soldiers. The fleet of the country has one naval base in Odessa, where she moved after the annexation of Crimea by Russia, and two locations in Nikolaev and Ochakovo. The flagship of the Ukrainian Navy frigate “Hetman Sagaydachny” has on Board two anti-aircraft missile system “OSA-mA inputs2” and 24 jet sticky bomb launcher RBU-6000. Also at the disposal of the Ukrainian sailors is a Corvette “Vinnytsia”, one missile boat and three artillery boats. In addition, for the transfer of troops of the Navy of Ukraine can take advantage of two landing craft, “Svatovo” and “Kirovograd”.

Over the only submarine of the Ukrainian Navy “Kiev” in March 2014 was raised Andreevsky flag. After that, the boat refused to take the black sea fleet of Russia by reason of its failure. “Zaporozhye” is planned to return to the Ukrainian Navy after the end of hostilities in the South-East of the country. Just after the Crimean referendum, Russia moved more than a dozen Ukrainian ships.