Putin instructed to use natural compensation for CTP

President Vladimir Putin instructed the government together with the Bank of Russia as of 1 October 2016 to prepare proposals to improve CTP. They have to consider how to restructure the system and make the most common form of compensation for this type of insurance car repair, and not monetary compensation.

This instruction is contained in the list approved by the end of the program “Direct line with Vladimir Putin” held on April 14.

During the programme, President of the Association for the protection of the rights of policyholders Maxim Hanjin offered to instruct the Bank of Russia to explore the option of conversion to purely natural form of compensation for loss of CTP. In his opinion, is necessary to create a network of regional services to introduce and expand the practice of “natural compensation”, this will help to combat fraudulent schemes in this type of insurance and create more jobs.

“Your suggestion is probably good and proper, just the Central Bank this type of work is not engaged. But, nevertheless, I think we should think about how you can build your idea into something that falls within the competence of the Central Bank, and how to transform in real life. We will think about it”, replied Putin (quoted by “Interfax”).

Simultaneously, the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) has announced that it has sent to the Bank of Russia, the Ministry of Finance and the state Duma draft amendments to the law on CTP, which are increasing compensations in the natural form and contain a set of measures to combat fraud in the compulsory motor insurance.

According to the President of the PCA Igor Yurgens, now covered through the repair prevent avtoyuristy that encourage customers to choose the payout in cash. “Significant brake, this is especially true for regions avtoyuristy, which is aimed at getting money, of which they are 30-40% for the provision of services to the victim” — quoted Igor Yurgens in the message of the PCA. According to the Association, last year on payments to avtoyuristy took more than 10 billion rubles from the CTP system.

Later, the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24” confirmed that options are now being discussed more widely spread repair in CTP, but stressed that the Central Bank will take this measure only if it would not infringe upon the rights of citizens.

“We are now thinking about how to stimulate this part of what is called “in-kind” to get this service. But these measures, which would stimulate maintenance of the machine will take, if we are only sure that the rights of citizens, motorists will be adequately protected,” she said.