Rostransnadzor has demanded to install in the aircraft surveillance cameras

The airline started to receive requirements of the Federal Agency for transport supervision related to the lack of aircraft cameras and equipment for video transmission during the flight in real time, as well as for the failure of the crews of aviation security measures, “Vedomosti”.

In case of default of requirements of the Supervisory authority, the airline can be fined 50-200 thousand rubles, and in the case of repeated violation — 200 to 500 thousand rubles with a possibility of suspension of activity for up to 90 days. According to the publication, regulations from the requirement to eliminate violations, according to the speaker, got a few carriers, including S7.

“For one aircraft the value of videooborudovaniya $17,5–19,5 thousand, equipment for online broadcasts — $400-500 thousand, and that’s not counting the cost of the certification and the agreement with the leasing company changes in the design of aircraft”, — quotes the edition of the presentation S7.

A source close to Aeroflot, confirmed the validity of these estimates. “Online broadcast, especially on long flights, is a huge traffic and exorbitant costs. The cost of tickets can grow significantly”, — the interlocutor speaks. “And additional responsibilities for commanders of vessels will lead to the fact that someone does not want to work in Russia,” he adds.

According to the employee of one of the airlines, the transport Ministry has demanded to strengthen security measures in the order from February 2011, but earlier Rostransnadzor has not followed its implementation. According to sources, there was enough explanation that airlines are asked to move the timing of the introduction of cameras in 2019. The source said that the requirements to eliminate violations appeared only this year.

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The newspaper gives the explanation of the Deputy head of the Federal Agency for transport supervision Vladimir Chertok. “The order of the <…> was being prepared in conjunction with the FSB. Rostransnadzor has no legislative initiative that we oversee. The inspectors are between two fires: if they will not fix the violation, you may be subject to criminal prosecution,” he explained.

According to “Kommersant”, for narrowbody aircraft will require four cameras for wide-bodied or eight. The cost of acquiring, installing necessary equipment, and to coordinate design changes with the developer and the authorities of the country of registration of the aircraft is estimated at between $175 thousand to $500 thousand on the plane.

In addition, in accordance with the new requirements of transport security (TB) each airplane must be responsible — the commander of the vessel. To do this, the FAC must pass the training and receive certification. However, the newspaper interviewed experts noted that the notion of TB comes in and countering attacks, and the FAC can’t do this by law because you are not the security officer.