Sberbank integrated into the Internet Bank service on request credit

Sberbank integrated into the Internet Bank service on request credit

Moscow. April 20. Sberbank of Russia has integrated into its online banking service United credit Bureau (OKB), for the first time in Russia allowing citizens to request credit report online without any additional identification.

Borrowers with positive credit history today have more chances of getting a loan, can count on more flexible terms of lending, said at a press conference, senior Vice President of Sberbank Alexander Vedyahin.

“We consider it very important to provide our customers the opportunity to see ourselves through the eyes of the lender and to assess their chances before receiving the loan,” he said.

Because of the peculiarities of the law “the access of citizens to their credit history now associated with certain difficulties,” the service will allow customers to “Sberbank Online” to instantly get a credit history, said Director General of the Bureau Daniel Zelensky.

Since the pilot launch of the service their credit history has already received five times more people than in all of 2015, he said.

To obtain a credit report to a client of Sberbank just go to the appropriate section in the personal Cabinet “savings Bank Online” and order a report that will be available immediately after payment.

A credit report contains detailed information on credit obligations of the client: current and closed loans and credit cards in various banks, the limits and terms of loan, outstanding balance and timely payments. This report also allows you to see what organization and when was interested in this credit history. The report also includes a personal credit rating, which is automatically generated on the basis of information from the credit history in the form of a score on a scale.

OKB, whose shareholders are Sberbank, a leading global credit Bureau operator Experian and “Interfax”, one of the three largest credit bureaus in Russia. By April 2016 in a database is stored OKB 203 million credit histories on 64,5 million borrowers. Among the firm’s clients – more than 600 credit institutions, MFIs, insurance companies and Telecom operators.