Sberbank will prepare the officials of the government management reform

Sberbank will train 80 officials to modern methods of management. Thursday, April 21, at Sberbank Corporate University starts program to improve the skills of the Ministers ‘ deputies and training them in modern methods of management, told a Federal official and was confirmed by a source in Sberbank. Ideologist of the program is German Gref, who sees in it the prototype of the future reform of public administration. One of the goals of the program is to prepare officials to discuss the government public administration reform, say two participants in the study.

The goal, provide not only Gref, but also a number of government officials, a source in the financial-economic bloc of the government describes as follows: “the system is beginning to adapt to modern management methods”, ceased to work exclusively on the orders of the President, and learned project management. Officials must change their mindset: the Ministers ask for more money in order to fulfill orders, and it is necessary that officials were able to reach goals in different ways, using the available resources. “We must come to appoint Ministers on the basis of money one or another doctor is ready to achieve the desired result,” — says the Federal official. He explains that now the Minister first obtains the appointment, and then comes and asks for money to tackle various tasks.

The new approach will be taught, including at the University of Sberbank. Changes in the system of public administration will be possible when there is “a group of people likeminded and have undergone training,” explains one of the interlocutors .

About the impending reform of the administration previously reported by “Vedomosti”, the presentation was prepared by the team of Gref. The interlocutors of the newspaper reported that the Manager of a new project office to be established by the office of the government, could become the first Vice-Premier Igor Shuvalov. April 20 at the conference Higher school of Economics former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said that “colleagues have prepared the program of reforming of public administration, proposals are now studying in the government”.

The need to identify KPIs (key performance indicators) for ministries and “the means of achieving them within existing resource constraints” said Wednesday the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov on the Board of the Ministry. Execution of state programs should be evaluated through the “project approach” and “with the involvement of external audit”, he said, adding that the Finance Ministry is drafting the relevant amendments “in order to work with the state programs.”

“It was very interesting”

A program called “Modern technologies of management and their application in public administration reform” runs until Sunday, shared with the first Deputy Minister of economic development Alexey Likhachev. “In the process of training includes testing. The Minister [the Minister] told that [last year at the workshop] was very interesting,” — said Likhachev. He also said that the program provides the speech to the students of Igor Shuvalov, the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina, the head of the Ranepa Vladimir Mau and “the number of foreign specialists in public administration”. All the knowledge “will implement,” said Likhachev. Another participant said that the training will go for three days and will be associated with Gref’s programme on governance reform, in particular on the transition from the model assignments for the KPI.

According to the rector of the Corporate University of Sberbank Valery Katkalo, the program audience will be attended by the Deputy Ministers, state secretaries, heads of Federal agencies and their deputies, Director of strategic departments. Only about 80 people, was designed by order of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The project was initiated by the President of Sberbank German Gref and rector of the Ranepa Vladimir Mau, which was developed jointly by the program and offered it to the Prime Minister, told Katkalo.

“This program of executive education designed to improve leadership skills, negotiation, team building, communications”, explains the rector of the University of Sberbank. According to him, the course will discuss topics such as modern analyst, performance management (improving the efficiency, motivation and encouragement of employees of the organization, “governance achievements”), corporate culture, project management, decision-making methods. “Of course, we’ll be talking about how in Russia to apply international experience of management,” added Katkalo.

How to write “Vedomosti”, the President of Sberbank German Gref, together with officials and open government has prepared for the Cabinet of Ministers presentation about the changing system of public administration.

A year ago, Gref has presented to President Vladimir Putin a report on inefficient public administration and proposed to create separate from the government the reform — if President. “I don’t know that it [the proposal] was discussed”, — said Gref in an interview with “Vedomosti” in may 2015.

In the presentation, noted by “Vedomosti”, Gref proposes to create a center of management reforms and implementation of key projects such as the Malaysian Pemandu was established in 2009 to overcome the backlog in the implementation of the strategy for the years 1990-2030. In five years, “Vedomosti”, have improved the efficiency of state budget management, the fiscal income doubled, GDP per capita grew by 37%.

The centre’s main functions is to increase the effectiveness of ministries by 5-7 main KPI and coordinate a small number of priority projects. The main task is to teach the Ministry to implement projects. However, as “Vedomosti” referring to Federal officials, the reform is not yet approved, and now it is only the project office, which will be engaged in the administration of the government.

The Olympics

From the Ministry of economic development, according to its press service, the training program will take part the first Deputy Minister Alexey Likhachev, state Secretary- Deputy Minister Oleg Fomichev, Director of Department of regulatory impact assessment Vadim Zhivulin, heads of Rosreestr Igor Vasiliev, rosrezerva Dmitry Gogin, Rospatent — Grigory Ivliev, accreditation Agency — Savva Shipov, as well as Deputy head of Rosimushchestvo Ivan Aksenov. Subordinated to the Ministry of natural resources Rosprirodnadzor and the Federal water resources Agency will be participating heads or their deputies, said the representative of Ministry (the leadership of the Ministry of environment is preparing to eco-technological forum, which will be held in late April).

Among the teachers in addition to the Gref, and Mau, professors from Stanford and top executives from Google, McKinsey experts. Invited even the volleyball coach Vladimir Alekno, under which the Russian men’s team in 2012 won the Olympic gold medals. Alekno said he would share the experience of creating an effective team, manage the team, “create a team spirit”. “The example of a team that won the Olympic games,” said the coach.

Students will be staying at the hotel on campus and, according to Katkalo, free time they almost will. The day will begin with sports events (on campus there is a hotel and a large sports complex), then lectures, workshops, teambuilding. “Final exam is not planned, says Katkalo, — in the ministries are not excluded tests that will assess the candidates knowledge and ability to apply them in practice.”

This is the second program to improve the skills of senior Russian officials — in may 2015 the University of Sberbank has already conducted a three-day course for Ministers. “The program was devoted to the study of world experience using modern management techniques to reform public administration”, — told Katkalo. Were analyzed the concepts and tools of efficiency of state management on the examples of Malaysia and Singapore, discussed the lessons from management reforms in 60 countries. In fact, Katkalo said, the Ministers studied the new public management (NPM) is a modern concept of reform of system of state management of advanced models and methods arising from the experience of leading world companies.

Among the audience was Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who, seeing the effect, ordered the continuation of the project — for Deputy Ministers.

With the participation of Timothy Dzyadko and the Yana Milyukova