Boeing to think about a new model aircraft to compete with Airbus

Boeing is studying the possibility of creation based on the model Boeing 737 MAX 7 the new version of the aircraft, according to The Wall Street Journal. The same information is confirmed by sources of the Agency Reuters.

The new model will have a few more 737 MAX 7 and take more passengers. Plans are still preliminary, no details are known, according to sources Reuters, but Boeing is now analyzing whether there is a need for such a product.

The new model can revive relatively slow sales of the 737 MAX 7 and to assist Boeing in fight against Airbus Group for market share, notes Reuters. Airbus overtakes Boeing with its A320s.

It would also help the company win in the competition with the new Bombardier Inc. fly the CSeries, which seems determined to win a major order from Delta Air Lines Inc.

In Boeing refused to comment on such plans.

The company should enlist the support of the model proposed by United Continental Holdings Inc. and Southwest Airlines, which had previously ordered the smallest models of Boeing 737, notes The Wall Street Journal.

Boeing officially calls the model 737 MAX 7X. It should hold about 150 passengers, reports the WSJ. From a technical point of view the new model will be “skinny”, or “korotkopushistye” version of 737 MAX 8.