Donald trump has decided to change its image in the election campaign

Senior assistant to the candidate in US presidents, Donald trump, Paul Manafort told skeptical Republican party leaders that the billionaire intends to change its image. This statement was made on Thursday at a private briefing behind closed doors, which has been made available to the Associated Press.

A statement from the campaign headquarters trump was intended to convince party leaders that their candidate will soften your tone for success in the elections this fall, the Agency said.

The Manafort said that, trump has two identities: private and public. “When he comes on stage, when he speaks of things taken in the election campaign, it demonstrates to that person, which is more suitable for this purpose,” said the Manafort at the briefing.

He assured that soon the party leaders will see another trump. “You will see a deeper person, a real person. You will see really the other guy”, assured the Republican leaders assistant of trump, noting that “the negativity will come down and the picture will change soon”.

Statement Manafort has caused party officials controversy, writes the Associated Press. Some of them supported the change of image, but views were also expressed that the change of image calls into question the sincerity of trump.

Behavior trump recently provoked the conservatives concern, despite the fact that the team of billionaire tried to restrain him in discussions around the rights of transgender persons and initiatives to be placed on a twenty dollar bill civil activist Harriet Tubman.

April 20 in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, trump said that he intends to significantly change its electoral campaign and direct it in a more traditional direction. According to the candidate for US presidency, he intends to pay more attention to foreign policy, and in speeches to enlist the help of speechwriters and teleprompters use.