“Fair Russia” will head the “new socialism”

For Putin

The new text of 100 pages will be approved on Saturday, April 23, at the party Congress. On Friday, he was presented at the software forum of socialist-revolutionaries.

Directly about support for the President and disapproval of the government, the socialist-revolutionaries in the program do not speak. “The program is designed for the long term, we cannot rely on the current government, it may be replaced. But our attitude to the government remains — do or leave it”, — said the Deputy Chairman of the faction of just Russia in the Duma Mikhail Emelyanov.

SRS write that the most important direction of Russian foreign policy is to develop relations with the CIS countries and the near abroad, and the priority — protecting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Russia.

“We intend to eliminate the ambiguity in Russia’s relations with NATO. <…> Halting “creeping aggression” by NATO against Russia, as expressed in moving toward our borders and in attempts to undermine Russia’s positions in the post — Soviet space,” the program reads.

Mironov’s supporters promise to “oppose any efforts to impose on Russia the concept of a unipolar world” and “hard to counter any attempts to revise history, the presentation of our country, the so-called historical claims”.

The socialist-revolutionaries supported the “turn to the East”. “Given the attempts of international isolation of our country from the West, of particular importance is the need to strengthen and expand multi-vector foreign policy, which involves the intensification and development of strategically important relations with the BRICS countries, ASEAN, Latin America, Africa and Asia”, — follows from the document. Relations with the countries of the European Union party members call to build “without using double standards in political, economic and humanitarian issues”.

All this is contained in the section “Russia in global world”. This is a new section, before the program of the socialist-revolutionaries did not provide, the Chairman of the Board of the chamber of deputies of the party Nikolay Levichev.

“In the last two years it has become evident that the health of Russian citizens increasingly depends on the position of Russia in the world. This is due to the Crimea crisis, the decline in energy prices, etc.,” explains Levichev, the new head of the program.

Against the government

Most of the program, called “new socialism”, is dedicated to social and economic policy. The socialist-revolutionaries oppose the fees are repaired, for the progressive scale of taxation, reduce VAT exemptions and guarantees for mothers and the disabled.

“Fair Russia” is going to make a voluntary delivery of the exam. “Cancel the exam as the universal form of certification of graduates of schools and the entrance exam to the University. As an alternative to the exam for graduates from rural areas and small cities, to establish independent Commission for the entrance exams to universities in all the centers of Federal districts”, — it is proposed in the program.

The retirement age should not rise, and from the cumulative system should move jointly and severally, according to the socialist-revolutionaries. They also advocate the abolition of the special regime of payment of pensions to officials and deputies.

The main goal of the program is to support domestic production and import substitution, said Emelyanov. “The government artificially constricts consumer demand and overstates the Central Bank’s key rate, holding on a starvation diet producing sector of the economy”, — said the Deputy.

Domestic policy in the program affected a little. The socialist-revolutionaries want to abolish “municipal filter” in the gubernatorial election, to defer the polling day in the spring, to return the direct election of mayors, to choose the members of the Federation Council by popular vote.

Programme of the party almost nobody reads, people judge them by their bright representatives, videos, etc., says political analyst Gleb Kuznetsov. “Our four main party [parliamentary] follow the path of so-called catch-all parties, that is, trying to campaign to all voters, and not separate layers and groups. As a result of the programs out all interesting and they are similar to the point of confusion, and become the party for all good, against all bad. This is a legacy approach, the middle of the XX century”, — says the analyst.