Near Kaliningrad will construct the first Russian plant for the production of whisky

Kaliningrad whiskey

Plans for the construction of the plant, which will start producing malt distillate that serves as a basis for whiskey, on Thursday, April 21, said the General Director Kaliningrad “the Alliance-1892” Igor Kudryavtsev at the meeting of the investment Council in the government of the Kaliningrad region. According to him, the construction will take about two years, investments into the project will amount to €13 million “Alliance-1892” — the largest Russian manufacturer of cognac (brands “Old Koenigsberg”, “Trophy”). Contact Kudryavtsev on Thursday evening failed.

“The project offers a product of domestic production, which will be comparable in all respects with the best world samples, — quotes the words Kudryavtseva at the meeting of the investment advice portal “Kaliningradka”. — This project provides a very strong export potential, creating alternative enterprises in the framework of the import substitution policy. It can cover up to 35% of the demand in the Russian Federation whiskey. The project will work on domestic raw materials, and by denition, it becomes very competitive.”

The General Director of “Alliance-1892” expressed the opinion that the Kaliningrad whiskey will be in demand not only in Russia but also in India, China, African and Latin American countries. Kudryavtsev asked the authorities to help with the allocation under the land project. The Governor Nikolai Tsukanov instructed the regional Ministry of economy to provide the company’s “full cooperation”.

The planned capacity of the new plant is 5 million liters per year. Now the largest players in the whisky market in Russia is a multinational alcohol company. First place is Diageo (Johnnie Walker, White Horse) with a volume of 10.5 million liters to Russia in 2015, the second — Bacardi (William Lawson”s, Dewar’s) — 6.1 million liters, the third — Pernod Ricard (Jameson, Chivas Regal) — 5 million L. Thus, if “Alliance-1892” will be able to run your distillery at full capacity, we will compete with global giants. However, in the sale of whiskey Kaliningrad will appear not earlier than 2021 — according to GOST grain distillate should be kept in oak barrels for at least three years.

According to the Director of branch Agency tsifrra Vadim Drobiz, experience in the production of cognac and well-developed distribution system can help “the Alliance-1892” to succeed in a new project. “To make high-quality whiskey is not so difficult — by and large it’s aged in a barrel of moonshine, — says the expert. — For a company with great experience and competence in the production of cognac — also a product of distillation is no problem”.

Why not whiskey was

To produce whiskey in Russia became possible only last year. From 1 July 2015 in Russia came into force GOST 55799-2013 “grain Distillate. Technical conditions”, legalizing the production of any distilled beverages from grains. Still in Russia there were only the state Standards for the production of distillates from grape brandy and cognac. State standards for the production of grain distillates did not exist.

The only precedent when the company was able to bring to market grain distillate, made in Russia, is whiskey praskoveyskoye. With his 2008 releases eponymous venture in the Stavropol region, specializing in the production of cognac. “Praskoveyskoe” has managed to register its own technical conditions (TU) on whiskey before the creation of Rosalkogolregulirovanija (PAP), when the procedure for approval of technical conditions for new drinks was easier.

In “Praskoveyskoe” investing in whisky launch in 2008 was estimated at 10 million rubles Bringing the product to market, the company compared their drink with Jameson Irish whiskey (owned by Pernod Ricard) and has stated that it intends gradually to reach the production of 1 million litres of whisky a year. Although the new product was cheaper than most imported counterparts, to implement this plan failed. As told the chief economist of the enterprise Sergey Abakumenko, now annual whisky sales did not exceed 200 thousand liters, and revenue is about 20 million rubles.

After the legalization of grain distillates on their plans for whiskey production in Russia said several large companies. In June 2015, a major distributor UEDC told about the plans for the launch of whisky under the umbrella brand Stoli (the name is derived from vodka brand Stolichnaya). Raw material for whiskey Stoli planned to purchase in Russia — the same plant Praskoveyskoe, told “Kommersant”, the then brand Manager Stanislav Kaufman WEDC. And the filling was supposed to organize at the plant “Crystal” in the suburbs. Retail price for Stoli was to be 600-650 rubles per 0.75 l, told Kaufman. WEDC now the company is in liquidation, however, collaborating now with the “chip” Kaufmann says that the plans for Stoli remain in force.

In March of this year, one of the largest manufacturers of vodka in Russia the company “the synergy” declared signing of the contract with Bacardi, which will start intended for bottling in Russia cheap whiskey William Lawson’s best selling Scotch whisky in the Russian market. Under contract for a year and a half “synergy” should produce 10 million liters of whiskey for an international partner.

As the market fell whiskey

The whisky market in Russia up to 2012, being one of the most dynamically adds a number of categories including alcoholic drinks. In 2012-2014 there was a stagnation in the import volumes hovered around 40-42 million litres per year, however in 2015 the crisis occurred the predicted downfall has risen in price due to the devaluation of the ruble and import of alcohol. According to the FCS, the import of whisky in the past year fell by 22.3% to 33,59 million liters.