New GOST jeopardized the construction of roads in Russia

Enter a new standard for road bitumen from September 1, 2016 may lead to serious deficiency. About it writes “Interfax”, referring to the minutes of the retreat held by the Ministry of energy in St. Petersburg in April of the current year. The meeting was attended by a large oil company.

The document notes that the Russian refineries are not ready for production of road bitumen according to the new standards. GOST 33133-2014 was approved by the Eurasian economic Commission in late December of last year. The production of bitumen according to the new standard is voluntary. However, compliance with state standards may become a condition for participation in tenders for the supply of bitumen, which are conducted by Rosavtodor and Avtodor.

At the meeting the company discussed the feasibility of introducing new requirements, and also drew attention to the lack of a transition period, during which you could conduct modernization of production for the production of bitumen according to the new standard.

In “Rosneft” considers that “the new standard makes excessive demands on the quality of the oil road bitumen that have nothing to do with road safety”. The company has proposed to keep the list of standards both standard.

The representatives of Bashneft, in turn, offer to assess the technical possibilities of the transition to a new state standard given the cost and terms of modernization of the current production, and not the most favorable market conditions. The company noted that the transition period within which to act on standard, could be installed before 2018.

During the meeting, LUKOIL announced that the company has stopped production of bitumen according to the old standard “the Refinery” and is considering the possibility to organize the production of the product according to the new standard for other plants. In “oil Gazprom” have told that the production of bitumen according to new state standards will begin in the first quarter of 2017 “Omsk oil refinery”. The possibility of issuing the “Moscow NPZ and Slavneft-YANOS” have just worked out.

In the Ministry of energy has estimated that companies need at least 2.5 billion rubles for the modernization of bitumen production. In the records of the office States that “low economic attractiveness of the projects for the modernization of bitumen production” and reducing opportunities for the delivery and shipment of bitumen “will most likely result in changes to the basket of oil and stop bitumen production.”

A source familiar with the progress of the meeting, informed “Interfax” that at the moment the ability to produce bitumen for the new standard have Novoshakhtinsk refinery. In 2014 the company built bitumen installation and is now trying to ensure its loading. The Agency notes that the plant is non-commercial partnership “Rosetum” which actively lobbied for the introduction of the new GOST.

After the meeting, the Ministry of energy proposed to apply to the Ministry of transport, the Agency analyzed the demand for bitumen, including, according to the new standard and rassmotre the use of two standards.

At the disposal of “Interfax” has the letters FAS and Ministry of economic development, which also do not support the initiative of the Ministry of transport. The FAS supports the idea of using both Standards. Ministry of economic development said that the need to modernize the refinery bears the risks unreasonable and significant costs.