On the American banknotes will depict a black abolitionist

On the American banknotes will depict a black abolitionist

EconomyApril 12, 2016’IN 2017 in Russia will appear the banknotes in denomination of 200 and 2000 to publicitate read more

Moscow. April 21. On 20 American dollar bill you will see a picture of Harriet Tubman, a black woman who fought against slavery, told the Associated Press.

The appearance of banknotes in denominations of 20 dollars change. Previously on front side, was the image of President Andrew Jackson, a former slaveholder. Now his portrait will be removed to the opposite side and substitute a portrait of Tubman.

This will be the first African-American in history and the first woman on American money more than in the last hundred years.

The last woman, depicted on the American dollar, was Martha Washington, wife of our first President George Washington.

As stated by the Minister of Finance of the USA Jacob Lew, the company plans to remove the image of the first Finance Minister of the country Alexander Hamilton on the front side 10 dollar bill and replace it with the portrait of a woman, one of the prominent suffragettes in the early twentieth century.

It is assumed that in the bill a five dollar bill with President Abraham Lincoln, which abolished slavery, will be one of the greatest fighters for the rights of blacks in the U.S. Martin Luther king.