Putin offered Medvedev the reform of public administration

In a letter to the President, which was at the disposal of edition of “Vedomosti”, the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev complains that in public administration there is no system of interaction between authorities, required to solve complex tasks.

According to him, there is no external control over the organization of work of departments, the work of the Ministry is only concerned Minister and to the change of head office and is changing his apparatus, priorities, ways of working, the continuity is broken.

As noted by “Vedomosti”, in his letter, Medvedev argues that the system of public administration largely retains the Soviet line and relies on old methods of control and motivation.

Prime proposes to identify the key performance indicators (KPI) for each Ministry and create for public authorities to understand “dashboard” that takes into account public evaluation of its operations. Medvedev cites the example of the successful experience of the Olympics and APEC, as well as some international practice

Ministers must take personal responsibility for achieving KPI’s, not just to report on completed orders, says the Prime Minister.

He proposes to create for the consideration of these issues, the special Commission under the leadership of President, Medvedev will become his Deputy, and the commissioners will be Ministers, deputies, senators and experts. It is expected that she will coordinate the development of strategic options for socio-economic development of the country and also to optimize the system of ministries and subordinated institutions; to approve and monitor the achievement of KPI and development of information technology.

To ensure the Commission’s work in the presidential administration and the government apparatus can be created a necessary division, said in his letter to the Prime Minister.

According to Vedomosti, Putin in Medvedev’s letter wrote: “I Agree”

The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov did not answer the questions of “Vedomosti”. Press Secretary of Russian Prime Minister Medvedev has forwarded the questions to Peskov.

According to a member of the Committee of civil initiatives Evgeny Gontmakher, an opinion which gives the “Gazette” this initiative is a remake of the Commission on the administrative reform of 2004, not only were the KPIs and performance indicators. In Russia the Executive power will be forced to control itself, which is inefficient: or indicators will reach to the desired values, or are explanatory notes that to achieve the KPI was impossible for reasons beyond the reasons he thinks.

The Federal official, who spoke to Vedomosti also recalled a 2004 initiative. “The structure of government has changed, but the content remains outside the brackets”, — said the interlocutor of the edition. Decisive reform of the bloated state apparatus is needed, but it is not required, new structures, and political will, he says.