Rosstat has seen growth in real wages of Russians

Average monthly real wages of Russians in March 2016 has increased compared with March 2015 1.6%. This is evidenced by the new data presented by Rosstat the report on the socio-economic situation of Russia. From a previous preliminary version of the report, published on 19 April, showed that the real wages of the Russian population in March of this year in annual terms decreased by 3%.

From the data of Rosstat, it follows that real wages also rose in February compared with February of 2015 by 0.6%. In the materials specified that the February data changed compared with the previously published in connection with the receipt of outcome during the reporting period.

Prior to that, as follows from the data of the Rosstat, Russians ‘ real wages fell: in January 2016, compared with January-2015 — by 3.6%. Overall for 2015, according to preliminary data of Rosstat, real wages fell by 9.3%.

The data on average monthly nominal accrued wages in the updated version of the report of Rosstat has not changed. In March 2016 it was 35570 rubles, which, according to some data, 9% more than the corresponding period of the previous year, 8.7% higher than in February, and 5.8% higher than in January.

Real disposable monetary incomes of the population, according to Rosstat, in March 2016 in annual terms decreased by 1.8% in February to 4.5% in January to 5.5%.