Russia imposed tolls for carriers from Latvia and Lithuania

The government has made Latvia and Lithuania in the list of foreign States on carriers which introduced charges for the use of roads of Russia. The corresponding decree was published on the website of the Cabinet.

According to the explanation of the document, the decision to charge Latvian and Lithuanian carriers due to the fact that these two countries had previously adopted a similar decision in respect of cars from Russia.

In addition, the Ordinance increases the fees on foreign carriers on the roads of Russia. They will make for days of 850 roubles, and for the year — 120 thousand rubles. according to the government, these amounts are set in accordance with the current rate of the Euro. Earlier the fee amounted to 385 thousand rubles and 60 rubles respectively (based on the Euro exchange rate is equal to 35 rubles).

Fees apply to trucks with a payload from 3.5 to 12 tons.

Lithuania has introduced a fee for travel on the highways of the country are registered in Russia trucks in December last year. This decision was made, as explained in the Ministry of transport of the country, due to the launch of the system “Platon”. Before that, the Russian truckers were released from the camp in Lithuania in connection with the intergovernmental agreement of 1993. In Latvia, the collection introduced from July 2014.