The Ministry of labour refused to “get into salary” heads of state companies

The Ministry of labor in the sphere of regulation of payments to top managers of state-owned companies comes from the fact that you need to pay attention to the bonuses, not “climb in wages”, reported “RIA Novosti” with reference to the head of Ministry of labor Maxim Topilin. From the point of view of wages, “the sector needs to be competitive,” he explained.

He noted that sometimes the state Corporation “just not quite right doing it”. “We believe that bonuses should be linked to outcomes, that is, if in state-owned companies there is no result, if there is no profit, if there is no efficiency if there is no progress on the indicators, then, of course, some crazy prizes, bonuses should not be”, — said the head of the Ministry of labor.

According to Topilin, the question will not be regulated by law, but will operate the mechanism associated with different steps in the framework of the Board of Directors, which will be aimed at limiting bonuses in case of absence of profits and results. “If they will not be executed, so the state will have to apply other methods”, — said Topilin.

The state Duma on 20 April passed in the first reading a bill that raises the salaries of the heads in relation to the salaries of subordinates in all state institutions, the state and municipal enterprises, as well as extra-budgetary funds and the backgrounds of the MLA. The bill was prepared by the Ministry of labour in February this year. Then the Department explained that the regulation for the establishment of a maximum wage ratio would not affect state-owned companies and state corporations.

As written, the bill was developed in pursuance of the instructions of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the results of direct line 2014, during which the President complained about the low salaries of health workers.

Now the ratio of salaries of managers, their deputies and chief accountants with the salaries of other employees shall be established only in the Federal state institutions and unitary enterprises, such as hospitals or universities.

In January 2015, the government approved new conditions of remuneration of heads of Federal state unitary enterprises, according to which the average salary of the management of such institutions may not exceed the average salary of employees is more than eight times. The ultimate level of the ratio of wages of management and employees may be increased by decision of the founder of the company. But this concerns only enterprises included in a special government-approved, list.