The presidential envoy in the Caucasus go into the national guard

Presidential Plenipotentiary envoy in the North Caucasian Federal district Sergey Melikov will soon leave the post, said a source close to the leadership of the Ministry of the Caucasus, and confirmed by a source close to the Kremlin, as well as a source close to the leadership of the Ministry of internal Affairs. All three of the interlocutor said that Melikov is created now transferred to the National guard, where he could become the first Deputy chief Viktor Zolotov.

“Official information about the Melikov transfer or the appointment of a new Ambassador there,” — said in the office of the authorized representative. “We don’t announce personnel appointments,” says the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

To help Zolotov

Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the establishment of the National guard April 5, but while the Agency itself does not yet exist, recalls a source close to the Kremlin. Once the structure of the office will appear, there will be transferred Melikov, he predicts. According to the interlocutor , this may happen in the coming weeks. A source close to the Ministry of the North Caucasus, says that while it is supposed to translate Melikov during the may holidays, but it is possible that the decision may be delayed until the autumn. “It was planned to launch a series of major personnel reshuffle after the Duma elections (scheduled for September). That would be logical and in the case of Melikov, as the envoys are working on the elections. But there is still more probable near term,” he says.

Malikov holds the post of presidential envoy in the North Caucasus from may 2014, prior To that, he was first Deputy commander of the Central and then the North Caucasus regional command of internal troops of the MIA of Russia. Zolotov also held high positions in the internal troops, and more recently he commanded them, and on their basis creates the national guard. He and Malikov a good relationship, so the translation of the authorized representative in the guards logical, says a source close to the North Caucasus to the Ministry. He does not consider it a downgrade to official. “In fact, the envoy to date, no real authority, and Regardie (official abbreviation of the national guard –), apparently, will have great opportunities”, — says the interlocutor . A source close to the Kremlin, also believes that Melikov in his new post will not lose the opportunity.


The question of the new presidential envoy in the Caucasus is still not fully resolved, discussed several options, says the source close to the Kremlin. While, according to him, the more sounds the name of the head of Agency on Affairs of nationalities Igor Barinov. He is a Colonel of FSB in resignation, what is good for the territory, provides an argument in favor of appointing Barinova interlocutor . The same says a source close to the Ministry of the Caucasus, but he doubts that the choice will eventually be made in favor of this candidacy. Familiar Barinov said that the rumors about his transfer to the Caucasus, but he does not think that this decision eventually will be made. Advisor Alla Barinova Semenycheva said he does not comment on such information.

Lately have been several reshuffles in the security agencies. Simultaneously with the creation of the national guard Putin abolished Federal migration service and Federal service for drug control. Former heads of these agencies Konstantin Romodanovsky and Victor Ivanov have not received new appointments. Putin also excluded from the permanent membership of the security Council Boris Gryzlov. Most likely, shifts will continue, predicts a source close to the Kremlin administration.