The Supreme court refused the VIP investor Master Bank to refund money

Judicial colleagues on economic disputes of the Supreme court (SC) rejected one of the VIP of investors of Master Bank’s application to include it in the register of creditors and refused her refund, standing on the side of the Agency for Deposit insurance (DIA), according to “Kommersant” with reference to the operative part of the decision. The name of the investor is not called.

The court upheld the decisions of the courts of the previous instances, and its appeal against the earlier decisions have left without satisfaction.

The existence of wealthy depositors Master-Bank became known after the revocation of the license in 2013. They concluded with the credit organization non-standard contracts and placed their funds at higher interest. The DIA refused to include them in the creditors ‘ register, because these investors were no the documents confirming the fact of depositing money in cash, with the exception of non-standard contracts with the Bank.

In October last year, Russia’s constitutional court ruled that the availability of contribution may be confirmed by any documents, including non-standard contracts. The COP noted that the depositor when the contract is concluded with the Bank shall be guided by the principles of reasonableness and good faith.

Case, which published the operative part of the decision is the first case of wealthy depositors Master-Bank, reached before the panel on economic disputes of the sun as a result of the revision to the released position of the COP.

Motivation part of the decision yet. According to “Kommersant”, disclosing in court the position of the DIA, its representative first pointed out the dishonesty of action of VIP-Bank the investor. He noted that the contract with the investor, not placed in the public domain, the amount of interest on the Deposit shown in the account statements that did not coincide with specified in the contract, and she most likely knew about the special conditions, which consisted of a contribution, through personal acquaintance with Bank management.

The master Bank lost the license to conduct banking operations in November 2013. Licence revocation the credit institution has become the largest in Russia at the time the insured event. The reason the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina called “involvement of the Bank in service of the shadow economy, trafficking, repeated violation of legislation on fight against laundering”.