In China have blocked Apple services to buy books and movies

That the services for watching movies and reading books not available in China, told Reuters on Friday, April 22. When an employee of Reuters tried to get access to the iBooks Store and the iTunes Movies, he saw a message in Chinese that the services may not be used. The representative of the Governor did not respond to a request by Reuters. “We hope that the books and movies will become available for our customers in China as soon as possible”, — said the Agency representative of Apple in Beijing. He refused to comment further.

Chinese megaregulator — the State administration for press, publishing, cinematography, broadcasting and television demanded that Apple discontinue the functioning of these services, on April 21, reported the New York Times, citing two unnamed source. The reason is that in March 2016 in China came into force on restrictions for foreign media in the country. From this moment on, any publisher of online content, including “text, images, maps, games, animation, audio and video records”, is required to obtain a special permit for state Agency cooperation with any foreign company or a citizen of a joint venture. Online media must also accommodate all the equipment, servers, and other devices for data storage in China and can no longer belong to foreigners or companies.

These amendments mentioned by the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin, whose article “it’s Time to put an effective barrier to the information war” appeared on April 18 in the journal “Kommersant-the Power”. He proposed that the state should determine “the limits of censorship in Russia of the global Internet” and learn from the experience of countries that “opposing the US and its allies”. Among the provisions that could be moved to Russian soil, — the resolution of the authorized body of Executive power as a precondition of any cooperation with a foreign online media, prohibition on the employment of foreigners in the leadership of the national mass media and placement of servers online media abroad, said Bastrykin.

Lock iBooks Store, and iTunes Movies not the first time that the Apple services are unavailable in China. App Apple news reader News that the company launched in 2015 and available to residents of USA, UK and Australia, also does not work in China. When users of Apple News from these countries trying to access it in China, they see a message that his work “is not supported in the current region.” An Apple spokesperson in Beijing told Reuters News service that the company launched only in a few countries, but could not comment on why the service works in South Korea and Hong Kong, but is blocked in mainland China.

Greater China, which includes Taiwan and Hong Kong, is Apple’s second largest income market and the first sales of the main product — the iPhone. But American Corporation sometimes meets with resistance from Beijing and state media, who claim that the iPhone threatens national security.