The financial Ombudsman recognized the “junk” rating by Moody’s justified

According to the financial Ombudsman of Russia Pavel Medvedev, the decision of experts Moody’s on the sovereign rating of Russia to “junk” level of Ba1 reflects the reality, as the Russian economy does not show growth. He told this in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking”.

“It is believed that their ratings are politicized, but I think that this opinion is not very reasonable. The fact that their ratings I read mostly not Russians, but foreigners, and if they lie, that foreigners, by which they primarily exist, will cease to refer to them. So, unfortunately, with heart pain we have to agree with what they say. We are well precisely is not improving. We are entering the stage of such a heavy congestion, but if the stagnation, not growth, so how can you improve the rating?” — Medvedev said.

The Ombudsman stated that he sees no prospects of growth of the Russian economy in the near future. “No, there is no prospect. <…> A very dangerous situation, an explosion can occur. The decision is to do nothing. I think the Outlook is very bad” — said Medvedev.