The share of Samsung in the Russian smartphone market fell to the lowest level in five years

The share of smartphones Samsung in sales in the Russian market in the first quarter of 2016 and has declined in quantitative and monetary terms compared with the same period in 2015, study says the company “Euroset”. The number of sold smartphones market share the South Korean manufacturer has decreased from 22.2 to 20.6%, in-the-money — from 25.2 to 24.3%. This is the minimum performance Samsung sales during the first quarters in the last five years, according to experts of “Euroset”.

Calculations of Euroset is close to the MTS estimates: the share of Samsung in terms of unit shipments grew by 20%, in money — 23%. I agree and in “the Messenger”: the share of Samsung in smartphone sales in the first quarter was about 20% in units and 24.1% in the money, analysts estimate the retailer. MTS and “Coherent” confirms a conclusion of “Euroset”: the first quarter — “minimum indicators” over the last four to five years for the same period.

If to consider data for other quarters, the low market share of Samsung in unit sales was recorded in July—September, 2014 (20%) on the background of a sharp weakening of the ruble, and in money — in April—June 2014 (23%) told the representative of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov. However, representatives of “Euronetwork” and “Coherent” indicates that compared to the first quarter with other incorrect because market share is influenced by both seasonal fluctuations and the release of new flagship models.

Despite the decline, the market share of Samsung in unit sales remains the highest in the market of “Euroset”. To smartphones closest competitor — American Apple had 10.4% of the devices sold, 9% of the market occupied the Chinese Lenovo. “Samsung has been the most popular brand of smartphones in Russia — they are the leaders in sales of devices in the units,” confirms Solodovnikov.

In monetary terms, according to “Euroset”, about a third of the market belongs to Apple products (an increase from 26.9 to 33.3% year-on-year), the third place we have the devices Lenovo at 6.7% (previous year 6.2 per cent). Calculations “Coherent” confirms that the maximum share of revenue — 30% to Apple. The retailer explains that “popular flagship devices and the presence of smartphones in all price segments over 20 thousand rubles”, says its representative Maria Zaikina. Solodovnikov from MTS does not agree: “a High proportion of Apple in-the-money when a small percentage of sales in units says only the high price of their devices.”

The largest unit sales of smartphones in the first quarter of 2016 grew up not only Samsung, considered in the “Euroset” and “Coherent”. “This trend is a consequence of the orientation of the Samsung on one channel and complete lack of goods in four Federal networks,” say the authors of “Euroset”. In the summer of 2015 retailers, “Megaphone”, “VimpelCom” (brand “Beeline”), “Svyaznoi” and “Euroset” has ceased to buy Samsung smartphones, explaining the increasing level of marriage in the devices of the company. The conflict has inflamed after MTS has reduced to 30% — the price of the Samsung devices in its showrooms.

A Samsung spokesperson did not comment on the calculations of the retailers. Since the start of sales of the flagship smartphone Galaxy S7 in the second half of March the share of Samsung in the market in monetary terms, larger than the similar week last year, said a company spokesman, without revealing specific figures. The mobile market in Russia estimates of the analytical company GFK, but its report on the first quarter results are not yet published, indicates the representative of Samsung.

The number of smartphones sold in Russia in the first quarter of 2016 increased by 7% year-on-year and reached 5.8 million units (data “Coherent”). In monetary terms, the market increased by 34% to RUR 70 billion Calculations MTS coincide with this “Coherent”, but in percentage terms, according to the operator, the increase amounted to 4 and 30%, respectively. In “Euroset” dynamics in pieces — 6%, in money — 33%. The sharp increase in total revenues from sales of retailers explain the increasing prices of smartphones: according to them, the average price in the first quarter grew by 26% to 12.3 thousand rubles. in addition, affected by the low base effect. Sales in January—March 2015 have been low due to the fact that the demand for the most part was satisfied in December 2014, Zaikin explains.