North Korea called the condition stop nuclear tests

North Korea ready to stop nuclear tests if the United States ceases its annual joint South Korea military exercises. In an interview with the Associated Press said the Minister of foreign Affairs of North Korea Lee su-Yong.

The diplomat stressed that the DPRK has the right to defend by nuclear means of deterrence, and warned that the country will not be intimidated by international sanctions.

“Stop nuclear war exercises on the Korean Peninsula, then we will stop our nuclear tests”, – quotes Agency the words of the North Korean Minister.

The statement of the head of the foreign Ministry of the DPRK followed amid reports about a new launch by Pyongyang’s ballistic missile from a submarine, which took place last Saturday. As Reuters reported citing the joint chiefs of staff of South Korea, the North-East from the East coast of the country on 23 April at 18:00 local time (12:00 MSK).

From the beginning of 2016 the DPRK was an increase in anti nuclear testing. In January, Pyongyang announced about the successful test of a hydrogen bomb, then launched a rocket with a satellite designed to monitor Earth, as well as conducted testing engine for ballistic missiles. In response to high military activity by Pyongyang, the countries of the West imposed new sanctions against North Korea.

On Saturday, April 23, France called on the international community to impose additional sanctions against North Korea after reports of a new missile launch. “We urge the international community to speak with one solid response so that North Korea ceased provocations”, — quotes the statement of the French Foreign Ministry Reuters. “In particular, France called on the European Union to unilaterally impose additional sanctions,” — said in a statement.