Peskov: it is impossible to undermine people’s trust in Putin is a lying disinformation

Peskov: it is impossible to undermine people’s trust in Putin is a lying disinformation

The publication of “the Panama dossier” is an absolute slander, said press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov. According to him, it was a manifestation of the information war.

KRASNOYARSK, 17 APR. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin touched upon the topic of “Panama dossier” during the “straight line”, because there are those who ask, but lying down in no way can affect people’s trust in the President, said press Secretary of the Russian President on the TV channel “Russia 1”.

“There are those who ask for it. This is a topic even care, because it’s obvious provocative stuffing. We said from the beginning that ready to evaluate the results of investigative journalism if it’s investigative journalism. But if it’s just a smear of stuffing, to respect that we can not” — said Peskov.

He stressed that recent publications “it is absolute slander, it is the emergence of the information war and, unfortunately, it does not paint journalism”.

Asked the host about legal protection, Peskov said that everything is “grist to the mill”.

“Putin criticized that legally we don’t take measures to protect, you know, it’s probably just grist to the mill of the authors of these attacks. I am convinced that such attacks lying, they in no way can affect the confidence of our people to Putin. This shake is impossible,” said Sands.

During the “straight line” with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which was held on Thursday, April 14, and lasted 3 hours and 40 minutes, the Russians were not only interested in political themes. There was also a lot of questions on key foreign policy issues, including about the success of Russia in Syria, relations with Turkey and the United States, and “Panama dossier”.