The UK has made sending troops to Libya

The British foreign Secretary Philip Hammond does not exclude that in the future the British military might be sent to Libya to fight with the “Islamic state” (ISIL, is recognised as prohibited in Russia). About this the British Minister said in an interview with The Telegraph.

According to him, ISIL seeks to transform Libya into a “loophole” through which they can be committed attacks in Europe or on ships at sea.

Hammond said that the Western allies expect the Libyan government to request the dispatch of armed forces in aid to fight ISIL or to train local soldiers. According to him, if such a request were received, Britain will be ready to respond.

The Minister stressed that “there is no sense to delete”, including the sending of “land, sea or air forces”, because, in his words, to predict what actions will need to defeat terrorists in the future, it is impossible.

“The southern coast of the Mediterranean sea is vital from the standpoint of security,” said Hammond. “It is obvious that the terrorists, who settled on the Mediterranean coast, are a threat to all European countries, including the United Kingdom,” he said.