“Very loyal to the leader”: what is known about the new head of Rosimushchestvo

Three months after the name of Dmitry Pristanskaya first appeared in the list of candidates for the position of head of Rosimushchestvo, the intrigue surrounding the successor to Olga Dergunova, finally, resolved. 39-year-old lawyer who until recently worked at Norilsk Nickel, Pristanskov appointed Deputy Minister of economic development — head of Federal property management Agency by order of the government dated 20 April and will now manage the state property, the cost of which in 2013 was estimated at over 100 trillion.

What Pristanskaya considered as the main candidate on this post, reported in late January. On Friday, before the publication of the order on appointment Pristanskaya reported “Kommersant”. It turns out that the top-Manager of “Norilsk Nickel” in the fight for position has bypassed such competitors, as Deputy Manager of Affairs of the President Pavel Fradkov (the son of the head of the foreign intelligence Service), the first Deputy head of the Ministry of industry and trade Gleb Nikitin and head of the property Department of the defense Ministry Dmitry Kurakin (they all appeared in the number of candidates).

Who Pristanskov

Dmitry Britanskomu 39 years. After graduating from the law faculty of SPbSU, the future head of Rosimushchestvo went to work in the prosecution authorities. On the website of “Lenfilm”, whose Board of Directors includes Pristanskov, said that in 1999 he was the assistant to the public Prosecutor of the Vyborg district of St. Petersburg, then worked in the Department of Prosecutor’s office of Leningrad region. But two years later Pristanskov, as wrote “Kommersant”, went to the law offices of classmate and friend of Vladimir Putin, a former Professor of SPbSU Nikolai Yegorov “Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasiev and partners”. The interlocutors of the newspaper told that this work was for a young lawyer as a springboard for career growth.

The Agency is a place where Pristanskov returns. There, he worked from 2005 to 2014. First he was assistant head of the office, then he headed the Department of property of organizations of the scientific sphere (in this position, among other things, he was responsible for the property of the RAS before large-scale reform of the Academy), and since 2010 has been Deputy head of Rosimushchestvo. He has worked under three managers of the Agency, including Olga. In March 2014 Pristanskov left the Agency in Norilsk Nickel.

A mutual friend and Pristanskaya Dergunova said that the Pristanskov — “a person is not totally open, but very loyal Manager.” “So understand [whether there were at them with Dergunova friction and discrepancies] was difficult. Outwardly, everything was just very nice,” says the source . He believes that Rosimushchestvo “with this appointment lucky.” “A rare human case in our times,” he concludes.

In 2014 Pristanskov included in “presidential one thousand” — the management personnel pool under the patronage of the President. Pristanskov already knows current employees of the Federal, that involves “the minimum period of organisational paralysis”, says the source .

In which companies “sitting”

As the representative of the Agency, Pristanskov in different years was on the boards of Directors of many companies. And even after leaving the Agency in 2014, he remained on the boards of Directors of several of them. In particular, the Pristanskov heads the Board of Directors of OJSC “Roskino” — state structures responsible for promoting Russian cinema internationally. He even produced the movie Comedy “Good boy”, due out in hire in the autumn of 2016 (the info about it is on websites, and this was confirmed by his friend).

Roskino has been created on the basis of “Sovexportfilm”. In December 2015 Pristanskov as the head of the Board of Directors Roskino received an award X National award “Director of year” in the nomination “the Most professional Director in state-owned companies”. Then commenting on the award, CEO Ekaterina Mtsituridze said Pristanskov “worked for us [Roskino] and in the process of taking the company out of the privatization plan, thus giving the possibility to save the nearly century-long tradition of promotion of our national cinema in the world” (quote from the website).

According to “SPARK-Interfax”, now Dmitry Pristanskov (name match) serves on the Board of Directors at least three film companies — “Lenfilm” Studio. Gorkogo, St. Petersburg documentary film Studio. In addition, he is a former member of the boards of Directors of several defense companies (JSC “Concern radio equipment, “VEGA”, JSC “Concern “Sozvezdie” JSC, Corporation “Tactical rocket armament”), as well as VDNKH, Moscow plant cinematics, JSC “Kavminkurortresursy”, Prioksky plant of non-ferrous metals. In 2011-2014 Pristanskov member of the Supervisory Board of Higher school of Economics. Finally, he serves on the Board of Directors of far Eastern energy management company and the Committee for personnel and remuneration “RUSNANO”. As the Director of Federal and regional programs of the company, Pristanskov is included in the State Commission on the Arctic development chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

What are you doing

The spokesman did not answer the question of when the new head of Federal property management Agency will be presented to the staff and met with him the Minister Alexei Ulyukayev, adding that today the Minister is on a business trip.

Sources of “Vedomosti” argued that the candidacy Pristanskaya allegedly lobbied the Senator from Dagestan, a member of the “gold hundred” Forbes Suleiman Kerimov interested in the shares of ALROSA and Sovkomflot. But the familiar Pristanskaya says that it is not so: the state-owned stake in the diamond company is slated for privatisation by 2016, and the share of Sovkomflot, the state is trying to sell for several years.

As he wrote , with former boss Pristanskaya Dergunova, the speaker had a conflict. Rumors about the resignation Dergunova appeared more than a year ago, in February 2015 Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev declared reprimand. The reason was that the government delayed the timing of transfer of the building in Sochi Olympic University, later explained Ulyukayev. A source in the government said speaker and Dergunova happened fierce disputes.

The main task that confronts Dergunova and it failed, the privatization program implementation. Now this task goes to Britanskomu. Earlier this year, the government announced the “big privatisation”, announcing the intention to gain from the sale of major state assets to 1 trillion rubles. for two years. The plan for this year sell 19.5% of Rosneft shares, a 50.1% Bashneft, 10,9% — VTB and ALROSA. However, as this week wrote, this year the state will probably be able to sell only “Bashneft” — on other assets there are difficulties, which are formidable.

From Dergunova in the government wanted that she took the initiative for the sale of large assets on less favorable terms and thus took the responsibility. But she took another position — in the current environment will be to execute the orders of their superiors, explaining the reasons for dissatisfaction Dergunova source .

Pristanskov not a reformer, “as Olga Dergunova,” says an acquaintance of the new head of the Federal property Agency. “But the task of reforming or effective management of state property no. The last two years, one task — the sequestration” — ironically the source . In addition to large-scale privatization, standing in question, Britanskomu somehow have to mobilize revenues through the Federal property management Agency. For example, this year the government wants to collect from state-owned companies more dividends and to deal with undistributed profits of previous years.

Sources of “Kommersant” allocate among the advantages of Pristanskaya the availability of a professional team that has formed over the years in the Federal property management Agency. He is “man of system, and universal”, said the source publication, knows the Agency inside and engaged in a broad range of issues.

The press service of the Federal property management Agency has not responded to the questions.

Controlled by the Federal property management Agency

According to Rosimushchestvo, the Federal property register as of April 7, 2016 was 1.87 million objects. Among them, about 234,7 thousand unitary enterprises 317,7 thousand objects of the Treasury and 1 thousand 620 packets and shares in joint stock companies.

In 2015, the Agency administered the revenues of the Federal budget 283.6 billion rubles., including the dividends of state-owned companies, revenues from renting state property in rent, revenue from land sales, etc. In 2013, the then Minister of economic development Andrey Belousov said that the market value of assets in public administration, exceeds 100 trillion rubles.

Owns what Pristanskov

Pristanskaya according to the Declaration of income and property for 2012 (a return for 2013 he has not filed since he left the civil service in March 2014 — before the deadline for filing returns), he owned an apartment with an area of 86.6 square metres (in private ownership with his wife), and another apartment (47,7 sq. m.) was in his use. The car itself had not, and the wife owned two cars — a Volkswagen Passat and Mercedes-Benz M-class. Family income in 2012 was 1.89 million roubles, of which the official 999 thousand earned (about 83 thousand rubles per month on average).