Candidates-the Republicans will unite efforts to combat trump

Candidates for nomination to participate in presidential race of the US Republican party Ted Cruz and John following keysik agreed to coordinate the remaining primaries to fight with Donald trump. This reports on Monday said campaign headquarters of the Senator from Texas and Governor of Ohio, reports CNN.

So, candidates are going to concentrate on those States where each of them has the best chance to win. Cruz intends to focus on primary elections in Indiana, following keysik — in Oregon and new Mexico. Strategy of politicians is to collect the largest possible number of delegates at trump. Cruz and following keysik will strive to ensure that the billionaire has failed to gain necessary for automatic extension 1237 votes.

One of the managers of the campaign of Cruz Jeff ROE said that “the participation of trump as a candidate from the Republican presidential election in November will be a disaster”. He stressed that the policy intention is to work only on primaries in Oregon, new Mexico and Indiana, and after them will continue to direct competition.

“In order to guarantee that we’ll take a Republican who can unite the party and win in November, our campaign will focus time and resources in Indianda that, in turn, pave the way for the Governor of Kasika in Oregon and new Mexico,” said Rho, expressing the hope that the supporters of the candidates will follow their example.

On Tuesday primary elections, the Republicans will be held in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode island. The last major success of trump become the primaries in the state of new York, in which he scored just over 60%. Now the billionaire is leading the race with 846 votes of delegates. His closest pursuer, Cruz has 563 votes.

Last week the media became aware that the senior assistant to trump Paul Manafort told skeptical Republican party leaders that the billionaire intends to change its image. Such a statement he made at a closed-door briefing. As he wrote to the Associated Press, in whose possession it proved to be a record, actions of staff of trump designed to convince party leaders that a businessman will soften your tone for success in the elections this fall.