Obama agreed six times to increase troops in Syria

According to the newspaper the Wall Street Journal, citing sources in Washington, Obama decided to increase the number of U.S. military in Syria from 50 to 300. It is expected that he will officially announce it on Monday in Hanover.

The decision was preceded by the entreaties of the main military advisers of the American President. They assured Obama that the shipment to Syria of additional staff will help to consolidate achievements in the fight against “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization). Sent to Syria military will not directly participate in battles, but they will be close to the front lines, to assist in matters of intelligence, planning and medical assistance to the wounded. It is expected that this will contribute to the strengthening of the position of the Syrian Sunnis and Kurds and help to launch an offensive on Raqqa, the militants called his capital.

In 2014 Obama promised in his address that American forces will not fight abroad. However, in December last year us President in an interview with CBS said that you can submit to Syria the special units. “I think the American people understand that we are not going to arrange the invasion of Iraq or Syria with battalions moving across the desert,” said the American President.

In early April, reported by CNN, in favor of sending 250 additional troops to Syria was made by the Pentagon. Initially it was about the increase in the group of several dozen people, but then the plans were adjusted.