Obama has invited Russia to show “real greatness”

Sanctions against Russia must act before the implementation of the Minsk agreement, and Moscow must cooperate with the rest of the world. The President Barack Obama said during a speech in Hanover before a meeting with Germany, Britain, France and Italy

“I hope that Russia will understand that true greatness is not to intimidate neighbors and to cooperate with the world”, — said the President of the United States (quoted by Euronews).

Obama stressed that he seeks good relations with Russia. “I want good relations with Russia and we’ve invested so much in fact that they were good, but we must continue sanctions against Russia until, until it completely will not perform Minsk agreement”, — said the President of the United States.

Obama said, “Russian aggression” in Ukraine “unnerving” NATO allies in Eastern Europe and threatens the “progress made after the cold war”. During his speech the President noted that the Alliance intends to continue supporting the Baltic States, Poland and Romania.

In the Kremlin last week said “the celebration of mutual mistrust with NATO,” noting that Moscow commits hostile actions of the Alliance, including capacity-building on Russia’s borders.

Speaking in Hanover, the President of the United States expressed the opinion that “Europe belongs to its own security is too relaxed”. According to him, all NATO allies should strive to ensure that spending on defence to 2% of GDP. The President stated that this condition fulfill only a few States. Obama stated that NATO and European countries in General, could do more to combat “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).

The American leader stressed that the EU must take its share in ensuring global collective security. Obama warned that at the July NATO summit, he will insist that responsibility for security should take all the members of the Alliance. “We need to be confident in our ability to shape its own destiny,” he said.