Son Abramovich became interested in greenhouses in the Belgorod region

In December 2015, the Deputy Governor of the Rostov region Vyacheslav Vasilenko told the journalists that Arkady Abramovich, the son of billionaire Roman Abramovich (No. 13 in the ranking of the richest businessmen of Russia according to Forbes, with a fortune of $7.6 billion), is considering to build in the region of large greenhouse complex with an area of 200 ha. He noted that Russia needs another 2 thousand greenhouses to close the country’s demand for winter vegetables.

In April 2016 Vasilenko said “the South” that the investor greenhouse complex to be made by the company “Sigma capital”, the plan will be located on the territory of advancing socio-economic development (TOR) “Gukovo”. He added that the first phase of the project is estimated at 50 ha.

Investment in greenhouse projects are estimated at an average of 200-250 million rubles per hectare, says the expert Vladislav Glinberg, principal owner of the company “city-Capital” associated with the greenhouse industry. Based on this evaluation, the project investment of Abramovich, Jr., for 200 hectares, can be 40-50 billion rubles.

The company “Sigma capital” specializing in investments in securities, the son of Abramovich registered in may of 2015 from the SPARK.

The representative of the government of the Rostov region said that while the project is still at the stage of negotiations with investors: “While nothing has been cancelled, but the agreement is still not signed,” — said the source .

Representative of Abramovich-the senior did not comment on the project of Arkady Abramovich was not able to connect with his press office.

In December of last year, “Sigma capital” established specializing in horticulture LLC “greenhouse” in Belgorod. 99.99% is owned by LLC “Sigma capital” on 0,01% — directly Arkady Abramovich. A source close to the government of the Belgorod region, confirmed that the owner of a regional “Greenhouse” is the son of Roman Abramovich.

From the Belgorod government oversees JSC “Corporation “Development” set up by the government. The representative of Corporation has informed that “greenhouse” is considering construction of the Belgorod region has a modern greenhouse complex for growing tomatoes and cucumbers. The volume of investment and the parameters of the project the interlocutor did not name.

The General Director of “Greenhouse” ina Helfand declined to comment.

What else belongs to Abramovich, Jr.

Company ARA Capital Arkady Abramovich owns 40% of the oil and gas company Zoltav Resources, which owns two oil and gas assets: Koltogorsky the licensed site (proven and probable reserves exceed 1 billion barrels. oil equivalent) in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous area and the Hull area (21.2 billion cubic meters of gas and 3.8 million barrels. oil) in the Saratov region.

For Koltogorsky plot Zoltav paid $26 million (Treasury stock) in 2013, and for the Side — $180 million in 2014. In 2015 on-Board plot it was produced around 3.1 million barrels. of oil equivalent, while Koltogor conducted geological work.

By the end of 2015 Zoltav Resources increased its revenue by 41%, to $28,14 million, while operating profit was $1.1 million (in 2014 operating loss was $7.6 million, excluding revaluation of acquired assets).