The Apple Watch broke the record of sales of the first iPhone

Sales of smart watches Apple Watch doubled sales of iPhones during the year since the release of a new product category for Apple, according to analysts IDC. Edition of the Wall Street Journal summed up the results of sales of the Apple Watch in the first anniversary since its release the gadget on April 24, 2015.

Apple does not disclose the number of sold hours, but, according to analysts, sales amounted to about 12 million units in the first year. The average cost of the gadget is approximately $500, respectively, the company’s revenues from sales of devices amounted to $6 billion — three times more than the revenue the Creator of the fitness tracker FitBit. For comparison: in the year of the launch of iPhone in 2007, Apple sold 6 million of these devices.

On Apple Watch, a new player in the market, in 2015, 61% of the global market sales of smart watches all over the world, IDC analysts believe.

Not all experts agree that the new product is successfully sold. Apple Watch not met expectations, said in December 2015, the co-founder of venture capital Fund Union Square Ventures Fred Wilson. The clock will not bring investors large profits in a short time, as happened with the iPhone, iPad and iPod, as people don’t want to wear a computer on your wrist, explained Wilson, through which the Fund owns shares of Fitbit.

Of the drawbacks that users put in a rebuke of the Apple Watch, WSJ lists the following: the clock is slow, a processor with reduced power, which sometimes need to turn off to prolong the battery life. In addition, the watch will operate only in conjunction with the iPhone, which limits their functionality as a standalone device, and to charge the gadget you want every day.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for Apple Watch is its lack of uniqueness, the WSJ notes: the device performs some function, for example, keeps track of user activity and displays notifications about making mobile payments, but does not perform any function that cannot be implemented using less expensive iPhone or fitness tracker. Apple is working to improve the details of the gadget: for example, the company wants to add the ability to connect the next generation hours to the cellular network and to integrate them in a more productive processor, told the WSJ people familiar with the matter.

An Apple representative declined to comment.

According to the research company Wristly, 93% of owners of Apple Watch out of 1150 respondents in the online survey stated that “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the device. A third of owners of Apple regularly change the watchbands, the accessory to match the outfit or the occasion, according to the company, which she opened in March.

In Russia, Apple has become the biggest supplier of “smart” hours, reported at the end of September 2015. According to IDC, in the second quarter of 2015, when the first deliveries of devices to Russia, Apple was in first place by volume of supply in the category of smart wearable devices (smart wearables). From April to June in the country was delivered 12 million “smart” hours from Apple. The Russian market of wearable gadgets, fitness trackers, smart watches and glasses in 2015 increased almost 1.6 times to $34,71 million, including due to the appearance of the Apple Watch, I think the representatives of the IDC. In real terms the market grew by 8% to 147 thousand units.