The founder of the fish processing plant on Shikotan declared in the international search

The founder of the Sakhalin company “the Fish factory” Yury Belkin announced on the international wanted list and arrested in absentia. This was announced by Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Gulyagin, reports “Interfax”.

“The founder of this company Yury Belkin announced on the international wanted list, arrested in absentia, his property seized. Conducted investigations regarding other suspects,” said Kulagin.

The Deputy Prosecutor General also recalled that the former Director of the fish Natalia kashkarova was taken into custody for two months at the end of last week. According to the decision southern-the Sakhalin city court she is in the detention facility of the regional center.

Gulyagin said that after public Prosecutor’s checks which have passed on the fish factory 2014, to disciplinary and administrative charges were brought against 44 officials and legal persons. In addition, it was made 10 submissions.

“A further 22 cases on administrative offences filed by the Prosecutor on the results of the just completed test, are pending. 182 the court satisfied the Prosecutor’s statement in defense of labor rights of workers, which collected almost 7 million rubles. Four 4 targeted in accordance with article 37 of the CPC the investigative bodies 4 criminal proceedings”, — said the Deputy Prosecutor General.

Gulyagin said that thanks to the adopted regional offices measures byvshim and current employees of the plant “paid to the order of 24.2 million rubles in wage arrears”. Thus, according to him, in the work of bodies of Prosecutor’s office of the Sakhalin region have been identified “gaps”

On 14 April, the workers of the plant told the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on the air of “Straight line” that they many months not been paid, which could not leave the island of Shikotan, where the enterprise is located. In response, the President asked whether victims complained to the Prosecutor’s office.

“I want the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation heard this part of our conversation, looked at this situation and decided to match the position of the Prosecutor of the Sakhalin region”, — said the head of state listened to the victims. Last week, the Fes stated on the payment of all debts to the workers of the factory.