The interior Ministry will purchase an acoustic cannon to combat troublemakers

The Ministry of interior published since the summer of 2014, eight applications on the portal of public procurement for the acquisition of systems of non-lethal acoustic impact. The last tender was announced on 8 April 2016, the documentation should be. The total cost of purchasing these units is 187,6 mln.

As stated in the technical documentation to the last auction, the system of acoustic impact “is designed to create certain behavioural responses in troublemakers” with two radiators. For this purpose internetcacheentry fluctuations that affect the Central nervous system.

In tenders it is noted that the installation should cover the most vulnerable areas that protect units of the Ministry, to act on the “violators of law and order and extremist individuals” and to ensure the safety for personnel, nearby installations. To move the acoustic gun is to go on the trailer.

The range of units down to 60 m. deployment Time — less than 10 minutes. The gun can continuously work 4 hours.

In the spring the interior Ministry announced two tenders for the supply of such acoustic cannons — 5.1 million rubles per each installation. In their characteristics they are similar to American sound cannon LRAD. Military modification of the guns may sound to a distance of 8.85 km. Modification, used by American police, much weaker. He makes a sound at a distance of 300 m. At this distance this causes headaches.

In 2011, LRAD was used for the riot after the final game for the championship of the National football League of the United States. They also were used to disperse the activists under the Occupy Wall Street movement. In Russia, said a source in law enforcement bodies, such installations are still used to disperse demonstrations.

Six tenders the Ministry of internal Affairs previously conducted for the procurement of more compact systems non-lethal acoustic emission “Whisper”, which are the shield with built-in emitter. Such devices are used not only in the interior Ministry, but was tested by the special purpose unit “Fakel” of Moscow management FSIN of the region.

The system is “Whisper” is affecting people at a smaller distance — to 10 m. the Optimum exposure time is 30 seconds, after which, according to the technical documentation, it is recommended to take a break for 15 sec. On battery the device can work for at least 50 min.

The cost of one system is about 1.5 million rubles. In total, the interior Ministry has purchased 116 such devices.

In seven cases out of eight (at last auction results yet to be announced) a contract was signed with the Moscow company “Rotec-Spam”. Since 2010, the firm participates in tenders announced by the Ministry of internal Affairs and FSO. During this time, according to “SPARK-Interfax”, it had concluded contracts worth more by 301.7 million rubles.

awaiting a response from the press service of the Ministry of internal Affairs.