The U.S. government will look to the bonuses of employees of financial

The U.S. government will look to the bonuses of employees of financial

Moscow. April 22. National credit Union administration (National Credit Union Administration, NCUA) has proposed to tighten the requirements for bonus payments of employees of the banking sector, the changes may affect not only top managers, but also less senior staff, writes the Financial Times.

In particular, the regulator supported the payment of bonuses “deferred” shares are securities, which the employee can avail only after a certain period of time (usually about three years), if it is not fixed any violations. In addition, the authorities want to consolidate the right to demand repayment of the remuneration if it is proved the fact of malfeasance.

Such rules have already become the standard for the CEOs of the largest financial companies of wall street, however, now be extended to other workers which activity is connected with high risks in the financial markets.

NCUA proposed to divide genkompanii into three categories depending on their size, with the biggest firms with assets of over $250 billion, will apply the most stringent requirements.

So, top managers of market leaders, according to the developed requirements will receive a “deferred” shares of not less than 60% of the bonus, and take advantage of the papers they will only four years. For the second group ($50-250 billion of assets) the share of “deferred” shares will be not less than 50%, the period is three years.

Previously in the European Union rules are introduced, according to which the bonuses of employees of FIS are limited to annual salary. In some cases the reward can exceed the salary twice, but only after direct approval by the shareholders.