Creditors demanded from Maxim Nogotkov 2.5 billion rubles.

The company “Financial investments” (affiliated with NPF “Welfare”) has submitted to Hamovnichesky district court of Moscow the claim about collecting with Nogotkov 2.5 billion rubles for repayment of loan granted to one of his companies. In the lawsuit (has) stated that the company “Financial investments” in 2012 given a loan of 3 billion rubles is registered in Cyprus company Kamestra, which, according to the plaintiff, “were under de facto control Nogotkov and was integrated into the group of companies “Svyaznoy”.

As collateral for the loan have been issued a 15% share of the Dutch offshore company Svyaznoy N. V., through which Nails owned the network “the Messenger”, and 35% of the shares of Svyaznoy Bank (lost the license of the Central Bank last November), Marigolds also gave personal guarantee on this loan. “For the shares Svyaznoy N. V. at auction, we have saved 1.5 billion rubles including accumulated loan interest, the amount remaining requirements Kamestra now stands at 2.5 billion rubles”, — said General Director of management company “TRINFICO” (management company of means of NPF “Welfare”) Vitaly Balanovich.

According to him, negotiations with the new shareholders of GC “the Messenger” — Oleg Malis and his company Solvers — not to no avail. “We believe that Kamestra still belongs to the group of companies “the Messenger”, that is, to new shareholders,” says Duffy.

The representative of the group of Solvers (currently controls the company Trellas and the Svyaznoy group of companies), Tatyana Volzinger said that the company was Kamestra offshore company and was never integrated into the group of companies “Svyaznoy”. She stressed that in the proceedings in the English court in 2015, Maxim Nogotkov has declared that he never owned and controlled the company Kamestra. Wolzinger denied the fact of negotiations with “Financial investments” or managing company “TRINFICO”. According to her, no one from the Solvers is not familiar and never met with Vitaly Duffy.

Malis has established control over “Coherent” in the spring of 2015, after the Federal Antimonopoly service gave him the Solvers group to buy a 51% stake Trellas — Cyprus offshore, which United all the projects Nogotkov. Before Malis purchased from ONEXIM of Mikhail Prokhorov law requirements Trellas on the loan by $120 million from Trellas was the collateral for this loan, Marigolds ceased to serve the credit ONEKSIM in the fall of 2014.

Trellas owns companies whose shares have been pledged to creditors, including banks — Sberbank, Promsvyazbank, GLOBEXBANK. After the default Trellas all creditors have any right to withdraw their deposits.

15% of the shares Svyaznoy N. V. in the Dutch auction, which was held in January 2015, I bought myself NPF “Welfare”. This fact provoked the scandal — Oleg Malis in an interview to “Kommersant” accused Nogotkov in cahoots with the creditors and the unwillingness to give up 51% Trellas new lender. He said that the NPF “Welfare” have sought its debt through auction, which have a lot of questions — starting with only the participant and ending with the announcements of its holding, plastered on poles in Amsterdam that cannot be considered due and proper notice to all parties.

Last fall, one of the largest creditors of projects Nogotkov, PSB, agreed with Feb that he will redeem the debt to the Bank in the amount of 6.5 billion rubles (bail on it were 51% of the shares Svyaznoy N. V.). After the sale of the loans to PSB withdrew all claims to recover the debt Trellas and Enter.

Malis and Nogotkov declined to comment.

Maxim Nogotkov last fall moved to the United States. Sources said he lives in San Jose (the unofficial capital of Silicon valley) and trying to start new projects related to geolocation. Familiar Nogotkov said that it is “a kind of geo-social networks”. For a new project Marigold registered in USA company.