For accreditation of journalists for elections will create special bodies

The Central election Commission has prepared a regulation on order of accreditation of journalists during elections (). As told the Secretary of the CEC, Maya Grishina, on Wednesday, the CEC recommends the Commission to adopt this document as a basis, after which he held a public discussion, and in June will be finally adopted taking into account the received proposals. Until that time, the Board will instruct the election commissions of the regions, which soon will hold local municipal elections to adopt temporary rules on the accreditation, added Grishina.

The need to adopt the document appeared after the beginning of the year was adopted and entered into force a law imposing requirements for the accreditation of journalists who want to work on the day of election at polling stations. They have to be in the wording not less than two months, demonstrated by either a copy of the work book, or a civil contract. The job of a journalist in this publication must be paid. Thus the authors of the law decided not to allow mass registration of such observers as the “Voice”, under the guise of the media to monitor the vote. As it is now journalists will be accredited to work in areas — not spelled out already in the law and in the decree

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The regulation introduced a different order of accreditation for Federal and local media. If there is a registration to distribute at least two regions, then it sends the documents for accreditation through CEC. It must be done not earlier than 50 days and not later than 20 days before the voting. In the case of successful completion of the procedure, the journalists of these publications will be able to work on any parts of Russia, follows from the decision. In fact, most often this rule will apply to Federal press, says the source close to the leadership of the CEC.

The rest of the media send the documents for accreditation to the regional election commissions. They do it in a period from 19 to three days before election day. Regional and local media will be able to work in any part of the territory. If the media is so far away from the regional election Commission, can apply through the territorial Commission, follows from the document.

The list of documents that need to file, consists of nine items. This letter from the editor, application, copy of registration certificate, copy of editorial license, passport copy of every journalist, copy or excerpt from the work book, or a payment contract (must prove that the journalist works for a publication at least two months), the consent of each journalist to the processing of personal data, color photos. Copies of documents must be stamped and signed by the chief editor, some of them need to also provide electronic media.

According to Grishina, requirements, on the one hand, prohibit access to areas for persons using the unfair status of representative of the media without any real Foundation, and on the other, drop all the fears of journalists about the fact that they are unable on election day to work on those areas where it believes appropriate.

The law prepared by the CEC and the order does not create any difficulties journalists, says the source close to the leadership of the state Duma. He believes that the ruling resolves many questions about the idea of accreditation of journalists of the Constitution. Previously a complaint to the constitutional court on the law were sent by the Communists.

The head of the election monitoring movement “the Voice” Andrey Buzin considers the list of documents that the office must provide for the accreditation, redundant. “With so many documents you can always find something to complain about”, he concluded, by comparing this procedure with the procedure of refusal to register a candidate in the elections.

New bodies

In the position spelled out, in some cases, the journalist will not be accredited is the provision of documents in an incomplete, incorrect time and incorrect information in them. In order to assess whether all right, the CEC and the election Commission to form “expert bodies”, it follows from the provisions. “They will decide in controversial cases whether there are circumstances precluding the possibility of accreditation for persons who have the status of a journalist who is not properly confirmed,” says Grishin.

These bodies should include representatives of journalistic associations and the expert community, according to the situation. Can be enabled and members of the presidential Council on human rights, and individual representatives of the authorities, including Roskomnadzor and the internal revenue service to decide whether it was true the reporter receives a salary at the publication, said the source close to the leadership of the CEC.

How exactly to act and to form an expert body, to decide in the next month during the debates, says Grishin. According to her, it is advisable to technical questions when the paperwork was handled by the staff of the Commission and specialists in the media connected in problematic cases.