In Turkey detained a Russian on the attack on immigrants from Chechnya

About the arrest in Turkey of a native of Chechnya, Magharbi Isayeva informs the newspaper “Kommersant”. According to the newspaper, Turkish law enforcement authorities suspect him of preparing “the murders of other Chechens.” In addition, local security officials believe that Isaev may be associated with earlier detained citizens of Russia Yury Anisimov and Alexander Smirnov, who are accused of involvement in the murder of the native of Chechnya of Abdulwahid Edelgeriev, which occurred in November of last year.

Initially the detention Isaeva reported by the Turkish publication Milliyet. According to the newspaper, the Russians arrived in Istanbul on April 11, and April 18 was arrested. During the search Isaeva were found a 7.65 mm.

The Consulate General of Russia in Istanbul on the eve said that Isaev they don’t know anything, because “the Turkish authorities any information about the detained Russian had not submitted”, the newspaper writes.

At the same time, representatives of the Chechen Diaspora in Istanbul confirmed “Kommersant” detention Isaeva. According to them, Isayev was detained in a rented apartment on the outskirts of the city.

“We don’t know the details, according to the representative of local police, this guy was stalking for a long time, considering that he came into the country with criminal purposes”, — said the publication of one of the interlocutors. He added that none of the long living in Istanbul detained Chechens with strangers, and relationship with him did not support. “You could definitely say that Isaev was in Turkey as a refugee, he’s just would not survive”, — concluded the source.

In mid-April it became known that in Istanbul detained two other Russians — Yury Anisimov and Alexander Smirnov. They are suspected in the murder of a native of Chechnya, the administrator banned in Russia as extremist website Abdulwahid Edelgeriev, who was shot November 1 last year on one of the streets of Istanbul.